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    I graduated from NUS Arts 2 years ago. Now i am thinking of taking up arts management course (certificate or diploma). Does anyone knows of any schools that has part time classes for this? LaSalle only offers full time classes. Also do you think it's a waste of time & money to take up another certificate course after having a degree? Coz some of my friends asked me to study Masters instead.

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    Hi nicole,

    i'm not interested in the Masters courses offered. Reason for taking up arts management course is because i wanted to do something different and i'm quite interested in finding a job related to arts. Am also thinking about taking multimedia, but seems like the multimedia market is quite bad.


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      Thank you for your kind advice!


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        Re: Arts Management Course

        Originally posted by Jerlynn
        Also do you think it's a waste of time & money to take up another certificate course after having a degree?
        Absolutely not. Check if your certificate or diploma counts towards any future Masters you might take (as credits); many do. Plus, even a mere certificate will open doors for you. Mine did.


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          Dear saresha

          May i know which course you took?
          Right now i'm at a crossroad where i don't know where should i go. I want to venture out and try something different, yet i'm scare that it'll be a waste of time and money.


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            Follow the link in my sig for a bit of my background.

            Although expensive to do, it was a relatively small commitment for me to make (I wasn't 100% sure if this was the career for me). Two years down the road, I have no regrets (though I've had doubts at times). I'm about to embark on a related MA, which I would neither have been confident nor qualified to do had I not taken the cert and chalked up the relevant experience.

            Most of us did our first degree because we "had" to, and perhaps later found that our field of study wasn't quite what we expected. Postgrad studies, therefore, should be chosen with more care and consideration; a cert or diploma is one good way of testing the waters.


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              The course you did looks really interesting.
              I totally agree with what u said... ok i'll think about it again.
              Anyway thanks girls for your advices.


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                Jerlynn, I went to the la salle website and didn't see that they offer masters in arts management. :huh: Only degree i think?

                I am always on a lookout for arts management courses (masters) but the singapore market is honestly pathetic. Ever considered doing it overseas?


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                  I've got a friend who's thinking of doing an MA in Arts Management in the future. She's working for NAC right now (Music department). I'll be watching this thread with interest!


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                    yeah la salle only offers full time degree. Think none of the institutes here offer any part time diploma or degree courses.
                    So i guess, if you want to take up MA, will have to go overseas.
                    I wanted to do that, but still considering due to financial reasons.
                    For now most probably i'll just take up the part time certification course by NAFA.


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                      Interesting thread!

                      Hey Jerlynn, I have a degree in biz ad and have always been interested in the art management diploma offered by la salle. My plan last year was to either have a baby or enrol myself at la salle (whichever comes first).

                      God decided I should have my baby (conceived in Jan) so my plan for this course has to wait.

                      I'm in my early 30s and after I am done with making babies, I will enrol in this course. By then, I should be pretty old but I don't mind being the oldest student.

                      Reason why I will still do it ,is because I love arts (paintings), and secondly love to work in an art gallery, museum, or art centre like esplanade or auction house someday. Or maybe even promote asian/young artise's work overseas.

                      Taking a part time course is not that bad as you will have the opportunity to find out if you really love art management. But, if you are really certain of yourself, why not go for the masters and meanwhile save real hard for your fees.


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                        Yes i agree with naughtygirl. Maybe you could start working for some experience and save up at the same time. Aussie's Victoria College of Arts offers masters in arts management. So far, this is the ONLY school i know that offers this. maybe i'm not looking hard enough


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                          Adding on:

                          I realised that NAFA's arts management certificate is for performing arts. (like dance, music, theatre etc) Jerlynn, is this the area you are interested in?


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                            i'm really surprised and glad that there are so many of you interested in arts management.

                            elainetsai> yes, im more interested in performing arts. Even though i do not have any talents in that area... heh how sad...
                            Which area are u interested in?

                            naughtygirl> congrats on your new status
                            is that your baby? so cute...
                            So when are you going to take up the course?
                            I wanted to take lasalle's diploma course... but it's not part time ones... i can't afford to leave my job and study full time

                            anyway thanks for all the response...


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                              Jerlynn, my interest has always been in visual arts, so you can imagine my disappointment when i realise NAFA's concentration is on performing.

                              We can keep each other posted on more new info on this thread. I'm just a tad annoyed by the limited selection of arts courses offered in singapore!!