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Pls beware of La Cafa Furniture at the Furniture Mall!!!

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  • Pls beware of La Cafa Furniture at the Furniture Mall!!!


    I bought my sofa and tv console from them in Nov last year with the sales rep promising delivery of the furnitures 4 weeks before CNY so i can hold my housewarming. Just 1 day before the delivery date I had to call them to confirm on the delivery timing to only receive the news that their shipment was delayed for 2 weeks. NO UPDATES prior my call and i had already made plans for housewarming session that weekend. After some fuss, they RELUCTANTLY told me that they will be loaning me a 2 seater sofa and a TV console which I received a shock cause the sofa was bright orange in color and in a very dirty condition. It was totally embarassing for me to even host a housewarming with that kind of furnitures.

    Then when my TV console came, the sofa was still missing. Got to call their shop to find out that it was delayed once again. After 1 week or so, my sofa came in the wrong cushions design! Exactly in the design I specifically told the sales rep I DO NOT WANT THIS DESIGN! And it was indicated on the sales memo. Called them again and the same sales rep told me to sew the edges on my own if i dont like the square edges. Of cos I refused to since I paid more than 2 thousand for a sofa and I dont see the point why I have to sew my own cushions, so she told me to bring it down to the shop after CNY and I agreed.

    After CNY, I took some time to bring it down to the shop still located at beach road furniture mall and the sales rep wasn't there that day. I felt kind of stupid to actually bring 4 BIG cushions over and the other sales manager who attended to me took out my sales memo and told me "Why you bring the cushions over? You can just call and we can deliver to you for exchange in one month's time!I say can means can!" So I naively belived her words, dragged the cushions back home and forgot her name.

    As I do have a poor memory, 2 months passed and I didnt remember about the cushions until the friend who went with me for exchange came to my place reminded me my cushions were still the same. I tried calling their line but it was no longer in service. Took quite some time for me to find their new number and when I called, they didnt have any order made for the exchange of cushions. And that totally exceeded my tolerence level for their nonsense. They were extremely rude and useless. After some fuss and threats that I will be visiting their new shop to warn other victims about them, one guy stepped out to affirm me that the cushions will be delivered in 1 month time. Although it was delayed once again for a few days but at least this guy did bother to call me earlier to inform me so I was cool with the delay.

    When the cushions came, they screwed up again. Mine is a 3+1 seater sofa and they only made 3 cushions and they claimed they didnt know I didnt specify i need to exchange 4 cushions. So they had to order another 1 cushion which got to take another 1 month or so to reach me. FINE and so I let it be. They called me few weeks later to confirm for delivery date and time and I specifically told them I had important meeting so the delivery cant be later than 7pm and I had to call at 6:55pm to find out that they will be an hour late. Not to mention, all their previous deliveries were LATE! I don't stay home all day just to wait for them to arrive. So I told them I cant wait and do give me a call again to arrange for another delivery which they didnt.

    Updated 15 Nov 2012: Just managed to reach them again. They dont have my sales memo in the shop cos my purchase was 1 year ago! It's been more than 1 year since my purchase and I still havent receive what im supposed to receive! They actually indicated I am UNCONTACTABLE but nobody from their end ever contacted me regarding any redelivery. And the Salesrep, Jenny told me this today "Miss, I dont know why are you so angry over cushions you BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH you call the logistic yourself la" Touch your conscience (doubt they have any) and ask yourself would you be PISSED if you experienced this shit for a year and havent gotten in full for what you paid for.


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    V.Hive's customer service is also equally horrible.


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