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Dealing with The Office Bully

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  • Dealing with The Office Bully

    You've probably come across one or two bullies at your office, even if you were not the victim of the bullying. And even if you were not the victim, you probably might have felt uneasy in a working environment where bullying exists.

    Read on to learn how to protect yourself and how to deal with the office bully in a professional manner.

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    I used to work with a bully in my office. I left because of her as I really can't stand her! Though I would love to stay and spite her everyday, but I think that's being very childish and unproductive. Now that I have left that place, I am much happier.


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      Ignore her totally and she will get bored in time.


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        My ex colleague is the worst of all. She even took home those stuff in the pantry. Her bag is usually so big and heavy as its filled with those biscuits and orange juice she took. Once a week she will make sure we clean up her table for her as if we are her maid.


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          I'm working at an office where the manager is the bully and her minions are bullies too.. Can't wait to leave


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            Same here, I used to work under a manageress who is a bully too, and a backstabber.


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