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Difference between men and women

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  • Difference between men and women

    The other day I was waiting for my friend with whole bunch of people including her husband. I asked him what color clothing she was wearing, and he only seemed vaguely aware that she was clad in something dark. Hmm ... how hard is it to describe a grey overcoat with black straight-legged pants? Imagine if I were to ask him about accessories ...

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    yup. they are also equally clueless about their own dressing. take my dad for one...when my mum and i asked him to describe his current swim trunks, he replied "black with white patterns at the side". he was correct...if the question has been asked 2 swim trunks ago.


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      They can only recognise basic colours like red, blue, yellow, black and white. When it comes to peach, mauve, lilac, turquoise they are completely clueless!! They also need to be educated about tweed, checks, pinstrips, lace and wool...

      But i've met guys who're very fashionable and they know more than girls!!


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        That's why I encourage my boy to read cozycot!


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          Yah! Mine doesn't know how a top in peach looks like ..


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            Women look into the mirror and see a thousand faults;
            Men dun even bother looking and think they r Sex Gods.

            It rhymes!


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              turtle, that's true!

              SO can't tell the difference between the types of shoes women wear, the type of bags we buy etc!

              sometimes it gets very tiring to explain again and again to him! haha! i think they just can't get it.

              guys think in simplified terms. i think they'll never understand why we need to match different accessories and bags with different outfit! and why it is so hard to choose between 2 things we wanna buy. haha!


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                Originally posted by chiri
                guys think in simplified terms. i think they'll never understand why we need to match different accessories and bags with different outfit!
                If my SO dare to ask this, i will shoot back "why do guys need 10 white shirts when nobody is going to notice they are not the same shirt?"


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                  chiyochan, that's a good one!

                  but i guess they'll never understand anyway. i can't understand too! is it really so hard? :eh:


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                    Oh, another one.

                    guys think lian stuff are cute. Like mini tube dresses, super mini skirts, crop tops.... :puke: :puke: :puke:


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                      haha! i think anything as long as the girl is wearing less material and don't look too bad, they're pretty! guys!

                      *throw my hands up in despair*


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                        i guess that's guys for us. but i think i would be horrified if my man knows more than i do. there are certain territories that i wouldn't want him to step into. but yeah, it would be nice if he does know some basic stuff rather than be so vague. it's almost like they don't care.


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                          But hey, guys can be trained! My hubby used to know only the basic colours but now, even though he is still trying to grapple with terms like mauve, turquoise etc, he can describe them as "pink with a bit of purple", or "blue with some green in them"

                          Oh, he knows the different types of foundation now! That shows how much I talk about such stuff in front of him


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                            sometimes i wonder if my boy's colour blind..

                            the other day he said this, "i've always thought you had black hair" when i asked if i should re-colour my hair for the new year. my hair has been dyed since 2003 & it was even blonde one period of time :Doh:

                            oh & men would pay $2 for a $1 item they need, while women would pay $1 for a $2 item they don't


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                              My husband thinks Barney is a pink dino!

                              Even a 2 yr old kid knows it's purple.