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Ted Wu & Ted Collection diff?

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  • Ted Wu & Ted Collection diff?

    What the difference between these 2?

    We past Ted collection & loved the dresses - my SO is thinking of making a suit which he can use for his business trips too later after the wedding.

    MY Bro in law made one suit with Ted Wu for about $500 2 yrs ago.

    Are they different in pricing? Is one of these better in Suits? Which one is better for ROM dress & evening gowns? Very confused with the 2 -thought that they were from the same company - maybe just one is like Ceilia *** & the other is Additions by Ceilia - something like that?

    Actually i need a rough made to measure or off the rack pricing for both men suits & evening gowns & ROM dresses - will chose the one that suits my pocket & agreeable with the eyes.

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    Shon might be able to help. she did her gowns from ted collection iirc

    more info on ted collection here



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      They are different and not related to each other. Ted Wu is more expensive I think, but I like his gowns more than Ted Collection. I visited both when sourcing for wedding gown 2 year ago and was impressed by Ted Wu's customer service Not sure which one is better for suit though.


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        Hi, vit_c. Hope this is not too late to reply your post. Yes, u are right that Ted Collection and Ted Wu are different. In fact, it is very hard to tell who is providing better quality and design. Sometimes, it really depends on your own choice.

        Ted Wu seems more famous in Singapore as he does lot of advertisements in the magazines. Whereas, Ted Collection has never done any commercial advertisement. Most of the customers are recommended by people, friends and relatives. In fact, lot of Ted Collection customers are from overseas too. Basically, both do MTM gowns, dresses and mensuit. Prices wise, Ted Collection charges lower than Ted Wu. However, it doesn't mean the quality and workmanship is not good. To understand more, you should visit both and make your own comparison. Then, you will know which one you prefer to go.

        For bridal package, I am satisfied and happy with what Ted Collection had provided. I got a lace halter neck wedding gown, cherry pink evening gown and red cheogsam. All are beaded, especially my wedding gown. I got a full beaded on the lace for my top portion and some on the train. For Ted Wu, he is good in using lace and more on the Peranakan. Of course, He provides beading too. So, the design is different. For my wedding gown design, it is more to the western type. Mm... I think it is difficult to comment on who has better design.

        For mensuit, I am not sure about Ted Wu. My bf did MTM his mensuit in Ted Collection as well. We can see the workmanship in Ted Collection is good. So far, bf has never complained anytime. The prices are S$450 - jacket & pant and S$600 - jacket, vest, tie & pant. I think the price is more or less the same as other places.... For better mensuit, of couse, you should go for Raffles Tailor or King Mensuit because they are the specialist on that.

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          Originally posted by Shon
          For better mensuit, of couse, you should go for Raffles Tailor or King Mensuit because they are the specialist on that.

          Second this. Vit C, how is your progress now. Do keep us updated


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            Hi, dear. Long time no chat. How is wedding preparation?


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              Shon Dear..

              I just PMed u


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                no we are so 'slack' I have not done anything else yet. since i paid my deposit last year.

                i dont think paying more for a Ted might work for me now works out to be more expensive - maybe an option for my SO's suit but i given up the idea, saving up for my parents clothes amongst other stuff & my toilet. it will cost me $5k for a normal toilet & a $8k definately leak proof one i was told. (Fixing one to the current room that is for us but it has no attached toilet)

                My SO's taking care of the other renovations & furniture, I insist on the toilet so I will save for it. I mean i am not too young already & will want to have children soon - imagine being pregnent & having the inconvenience of men running in & out of my bedroom errecting my toilet - no thank you - i can sacrifice my extra pretty dress for this cause.

                I dont know but personally i dont like to have people in my bed room because i am there when i need to rest - much less MEN that i dont know.

                I am also stressed out trying to lose weight - tell me i have about 10 preferable 15 kg to llose but they say that i should be going to my bridal shop to try dresses & more or less fix the designs already my wedding is in Dec 05 - I have not lost any weight either since the deposit was made few months back. can i go see them now? What should i do?

                MY SO going away for a few days this month I might try that Amore - few days in a row exercise some people i know went for & lost about 1 kg permanently (4 days in a row 4 classes - usually people do this in bid to finish their allotted classes within their expiry dates or to lose weight i dont know which it was for them).

                My work load is not getting any lighter & my manager is still reviewing my long time promotion increment as she is new so the already due increament has to wait another month I am so mad. it was supposed to be in Jan 05 & due to her slack i have to wait another 2,3 4 mths? I feel like just quitting actually. all the stress on me at once is too much for me to bear.
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                  Vit, so have you settled everything ? I mean your wedding stuff.


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                    I did my 3 gowns and SO's suit from Ted Wu. Excellent service, great gowns and suit and superb pictures with Attitude Photography. My SO liked his suit very much, good material and cutting. In fact, Ted Wu and Attitude are the only things that came out hicupp-free in the whole wedding for me....


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                      Shon - i really did not settle anything else besides pay Santiago the deposit , the hotel the deposit & looking for renovators.

                      I did reply in length but brilliantly closed the window before it could be uploaded 1 week ago.

                      i really dont know when i shoudl be visiting my Santiago again for a Dec 05 wedding & have to call them up to ask.

                      I think other things i have to do - after the renovation is done - to buy the bed, wardrobe & a good study desk in the other room (we like to work from home at night). & consumables like curtains, etc.

                      other furniture I will buy incrementally after the wedding when funds are less tight.

                      The other thing i have done is to sign up a gym membership to lose weight & to build up fitness for the future as i plan to have children & its good to be fitter. I am 19 kg overweight & really am envious of slim brides that just need to lose 5 kg to look even more brillant for the wedding day. I have been exercising more for the past months except for Jan 05.

                      I must call santiago today!


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                        Hi, vit. When is actual day? Most of my stuff had been settled. I am choosing album photos now..... So sometimes you don't have rush on finishing things. Take your time if there is enough time.

                        I went to Harvey Norman Millenia Walk. Saw some furnitures are quite nice and not too expensive, especially bed frame. If you have not bought that, can go there to have a look. There is a promotion : buy bed frame with free matress worth S$200 sth. Bf and I are quite keen on that.


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                          i love furn shopping,
                          Renovation & Furniture
                          we are getting quotes from renovators soon will be startin onthe roof repairs & minor works around the house - which should be i guess April - at most Mid June. painting done by end June.

                          Furniture by July-Aug for custom made cupboards as we have planned to at least stay in this house for another 8-10 yrs before we plan anymore renovations so custom made better wood for durability & to max space. the Bed & dresser can come by Mid Nov as my wedding is end Dec 05.

                          I will start shifting some of my stuff in say beginning December 2005 most of my daily necessities 1st if i have no time for the rest. my room in my current house still needs to look ok & liveable since i will be living there till my wedding day.

                          Photos & clothes
                          MY photos I will target for August to take them - post chinese 7th month for peace reasons. Hopefully i will have lost about 8 kg then that's 6 month away which should not be a problem - final fitting say in July 05.

                          I called my wedding planner - the bridal people but she was too busy to talk to me - i have to remember to try again.

                          Gowns & suits for me & SO
                          to be done by August at least

                          Clothes for parents
                          to be ready by end November - start to go to tailor End Sept. (we are not doing Ted's or expensive stuff & most of these cheaper tailors can finish within 2 months for you - perhaps i try to start it in early Sept to give myself less stress & more time.


                          they will be ready in abotu 1 month's time well in advance anyway.

                          I have been pondering on pearls & crystals. there is no way i can get diamonds to look very glam if i want them big & crystals should be the answer or even pearls. at least i dont die of a heart attack if i lose them in the rush of the wedding processes.

                          Bracelet - one i already have with diamonds all around my SO bought for my birthday few years back. its small diamonds but its the 1st pc of jewellery he got me. sentimental reasons.

                          Necklace - one one with one diamond that granny passed to me a few years back before she passed away -sentimental reasons - if i dont find any pearls or crystals big enough for the ocassion - i will just use this.

                          Earrings - also grannies - i remember mum made me choose from the jewellery stash we shared out for the family when my granny passed away - i chose diamond earrings which my mum kept for my wedding but i cannot remmeber how it looks like - i think it should be big enough for the wedding - again if i want something more glam or dangling - i will get crystals for maybe $100-150 a pair.

                          Jewellery will be bought as & when my dress design is finalised.

                          preferabily in December - i have decided a simple go to the ROM with our parents & siblings followed with a restaurant lunch will do. use the tea dress to double up for this - do my own makeup - go to the salon for my hair or get nice pcs of hair clips to use on my own. - i think my friend who is studying hair syling can help me on a create myself style hair. Get a best friend to take pictures. SO can just use the suit he will be making.

                          i am ok with just Hong Kong if my great grand mother cannot come - i will go visit her.

                          a more expensive longer holiday -i can wait - i have the rest of my life to spend with him anyway.


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                            Originally posted by littlelambie
                            I did my 3 gowns and SO's suit from Ted Wu. Excellent service, great gowns and suit and superb pictures with Attitude Photography. My SO liked his suit very much, good material and cutting. In fact, Ted Wu and Attitude are the only things that came out hicupp-free in the whole wedding for me....
                            hi littlelambie, can share what kind of package do ted wu offer? how much did u pay for the gowns and such?


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                              update got my mattress already from Robinsons,they are wonderful the sales people were so professional that we were happy enough to pay for the whole mattress with the robinsons visa on 0% 12 month installments. they said that nearer the delivery date, they will confirm with us again if that is the model we want still. if there is a new model or another one we want - they can change it to the new choice & we pay the difference if its more or they will credit back to the credit card if its cheaper.

                              THe bed frames we check out some defu factory outlets - there is one which is non-airconed that one my bf went i did not go - the bed frames were so much cheaper than the ones in anotherpart of defu which was airconditioned. thethe difference was abotu 20% more atthe airconditioned place. & i was told the same exact chest of drawers which i liked at the aircon place $370 was only $300 at the non-airconditioned place.

                              but the airconditioned place has better variety & the wardrobes are of a better crasftsmanship. It was late so i just paid a deposit for the wardrobes - they are flexible to change the interior of the wardrobe to what ever you like & within their possible means if there is enough time about more than 1 mth needed - immediate deliver - sorry they cannot custom then.

                              I will post the contact people & addresses here or where every if anyone's interested. They have "niato" wood beds & for about $900 i can get headboard with storage compartments & 2 drawers of your choice of left right or front - & the normal beds that Robinsons wanted to sell me - simple bed frames no storage was like $700-900 (with no set promotion) & the storage PVC style beds that Robinsons & Harvey norman has selling about $1500 cost about $1100 only at this place. they ahve cheaper material beds so nicely done up with headboard starage & drawers from $588 onwards, the material looks cheaper but I think its sturdy enough - slightly better than HDB shops quality. Better quality or equal to courts & about as good as Harvey norman's.

                              Having said this discussion in the immediate top papagraph is only for the airconditioned place - i heard that the non-aircon palce the beds are about 20-25 % cheaper still!!

                              On the side, I been furniture shopping for the past 4 weekends nearly both sat & sun we will be walking alot (no car ***) I had received complements that i look slimmer too! - good side effects! My ankles hurt terribily though since last week - the bad efffects also set in .