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    I was amazed when I searched online for Shorthand writing.
    I knew it was a very efficient way of taking down minutes as people speak or a meeting goes on but I had absolutely no idea shorthand was like a whole new language. Its just about illegible to the untrained eye.

    Do all secretaries have to know how to write in Shorthand? any secretaries or personal assistants around?

    For the uninitiated, this is what Shorthand looks like.

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    I took a short course in Teeline before. It was quite interesting, but sad to say, I've not really mastered it, and hence I don't really take any notes in shorthand.


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      wow ann,

      wasn't it really difficult to learn? it must take quite a few years to master it huh, considering it's absolutely foreign. what made you take up a course anyway?

      haha i must say i still haven't gotten over my initial amazement.


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        Nope. Teeline is one of the easiest shorthand to learn according to my instructor. Of course, mastering it is another matter.

        Seriously, I took the basic course & it was only a few months. We need not use thick/thin lines (or was it hard/soft strokes?) to differentiate for Teeline, so it's pretty easier to pick up.

        Well, I signed up for the course as one of my good friends then was interested to take up a shorthand course. I ended up to be the only one who actually went & completed the course.


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          Wow, this sounds really interesting! From the website , it looks pretty difficult to master!

          Where can you apply for this course and how much is their rate?


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            stilafaux, yea it really does sound interesting! i can use this to take my notes during lectures. it'd save so much time.. heh

            ann, what sort of standard are you at after completing the basic course? are you able to write absolutely everything in shorthand already?


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              Yeah, I am keen to pick up Teeline but can't find any school that teaches this. Only managed to find this article but the school is closed.

              I went to a Pitman Shorthand course 2 years ago but drop out after a few lessons, bcos it's *yawn* bored me to tears.

              Teeline in Singapore


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                Hi, sorry for the late reply, just stumbled upon this post again.

                I only took the basic course, so I can write simple shorthand. I think I did the course at Kembangan Court, but that was about 10 years ago, so I may be mistaken.

                Frankly speaking, I still feel that it's easier to read long form writing. Even I take any notes in Teeline, I'll still transcribe to long form for future references.


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                  a new website of Stenography

                  This is an invitation for you to take a look at my Shorthand Website:
                  Best regards!
                  Prof. Waldir Cury (from Brazil)


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                    Your website seems interesting....but the language is a pblm...each time i should click the english icon...then also iam not able to read some
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