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  • Mr Beer (DIY Beer)

    Mr. Beer Microbrewery System from USA has arrived
    System allows brewer to brew beer w/ 1 to 10% alcoholic content. Sounds fun (ny), i will dare to drink.

    anyone tried b4?

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    did u come across this at carrefour?

    i came across a beer machine there and thought that it was interesteing too. too bad, i won't be able to finish all the beer i make if i do buy it.

    prob will buy one when i have my own place and whereby i can invite ppl to my place!!!


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      There seem to be a few brands of this floating around. One is sold by Brewertz itself at Riverside Walk. I am intending to get one for SO but wondering which one is the best.

      Vernis, did you hear good things about this one?


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        dear all beer-belly-gals (here's a pun )

        actually was offered a sample brew by demo guy at Bedok NTUC yesterday afternoon. I declined.

        took an instructional leaflet, ooh boy, tedious. did they post the instruction on their site?

        U can call the contact (if there is) to find out their next demo venue, pop by & try for yourself. Actually i am a non-beer drinker, i only take rootbeer at most