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Anyone tired Starhub 3G roaming in Japan

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  • Anyone tired Starhub 3G roaming in Japan

    Hi all

    I will be travelling in Japan for 10 days and would like to try the Starhub Conexus plan for unlimited data roaming at $15 a day. Am really scared to get a bill shock after reading all the horror stories of people being charge thousands on their bills. I know I have to manually select the network to DOCOMO but since they said no need to sign up but just use, I am really worried.
    Does anyone have any experience to share?? Much appreciated!

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    Hi I just returned from Japan last saturday. I advise that you give starhub a call and clarify and to make sure roaming will work in Japan. For some reason, throughout my entire 10 days there, i have been unable to use my phone to make any calls/texts at all. Had to rely on random free wifi to whatsapp. My phone indicated no service and I'm using an iphone 4. My 2 travel companions had no problems with theirs (they are using singtel).
    I have to make a call to starhub soon to clarify, luckily my companions had no problems with theirs so i didn't call up starhub there.

    Have fun!!