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  • Bi Feng Tang (Bei Fung Tong)


    Bi Feng Tang is in Singapore:

    1)#B1-10,11 Century Square
    Open 11.00am - 10.00pm (last order 9.30pm)
    Tel: 67839720

    2)#B1-18 United Square
    Open 10am to 9.30pm
    Tel: 6258 3118

    Anybody try out? Do Singapore branch have their famous "jiao yan yu"!!!

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    omg cc_lia!!!

    you are my saviour!!!

    I've been craving for Bi Feng Tang since the day i tried them at Shanghai!! they got the most amazing setting for decor. I been to a few of their branches there, i'm most impressed by one which is in a fishing village setting. We were dining in a wooden boat!

    The food and service there is great too. And it's opened 24hours. I loveeee their har gao (shrimp dumpling). This is making me quickly run to their sg branches.

    Thanks for the heads up babe!!!


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      hrmm... someone pls enlighten me.. what sort of food do they serve? dim sum? :huh:


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        i only been to their outlet in Shanghai. They served mostly dim sum and roasted meat stuff. I google for them and here's what i found....

        BiFengTang: Eatery Just off the Docks

        By TY Kwan

        Cantonese cuisine is probably the most prevalent type of Chinese cuisine found in Singapore. Apart from the traditional dim sums we enjoy so much at the likes of Crystal Jade, Tung Lok, Red Star and other restaurants, roast meat is also a must-have at any bona fide Cantonese eatery.

        BiFengTang or Bei Fung Tong in Cantonese, is a new eatery that specializes in roast meat and other small eats, prepared by experienced Hong Kong chefs.

        Operated by Gourmet Cuisine, BiFengTang's second outlet at Century Square opened only in Dec 2004 (their first outlet is at United Square). But its owner has long established a name for himself within the F&B circle for his Hong Kong-style roast meat outlets in many food courts in Singapore.

        Like a shelter from the bustle of the shopping mall upstairs, the casual eatery, BiFengTang (literally meaning storm shelter in Mandarin; and the old name associated with Hong Kong harbour) is a good place to rest your tired feet after all your shopping and indulge in some good food, without having to jostle with the hungry crowd at the food court.

        The deco is simple and minimalist. Bare concrete flooring; wooden tables and chairs; wood wall panels with light filtering through all evoke a sense of cosy calm, making it more condusive to truly savour the cuisine served on the table.

        Familiar favourites like the roast meat selections (roast pork, char siew, roast duck) are all prepared in the kitchen located in the eatery itself to ensure the freshest quality, even though Gourmet Cuisine operates a cetral kitchen at Woodlands. Another item popular with diners is the soya sauce chicken.

        Other recommendations from the a-la-carte menu include the special Bi Feng Tang Chicken topped with garlic ($12.80), Prawn Ball with Japanese Wasabi Salad ($15.00) and Sweet & Sour Pork with Lychee ($8.00).

        There is also a variety of appetizers ($4-5) like Fruit Salad Prawn, Chicken Served With Peanut Sauce and Pan-Fried Beancurd Sheet with Shredded Musroom and Carrot as well as Congee ($4.50 onwards) and La Mian ($3.50 - $6) items on the menu to choose from. What's more, the restaurant doesn't impose any service charge.

        All the above and more are available at the new Century Square outlet. The smaller 400 sq ft outlet at United Square focuses only on roast meats, congee and noodles.

        BiFengTang is located at:

        #B1-10,11 Century Square
        Open 11.00am - 10.00pm (last order 9.30pm)
        Tel: 67839720

        #B1-18 United Square
        Open 10am to 9.30pm
        Tel: 6258 3118



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          Caramel, how would you rate their dim sum as compared to Crystal Jade's? Thinkin of treatin my parents to dim sum and i wouldn't mind tryin out a new place if its gonna be good.

          oh, anyone has any idea what's the price range like for their dim sum?



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            i have not tried the sg version of Bi Feng Tang so i can't comment on this. Sorry...

            For dim sum here, i usually go to De Bao at Smith St (Chinatown) and Red Star at Chin Swee Rd. If you have deep pockets, can go to Jiang-Nan Chun at Four Seasons Hotel.


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              yes.. someone pls comment. went pass CenSq's outlet twice but poor turnout so dare not try.


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       place for Dim Sum

                Tks for sharing vel


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                  heee... still here? the M'sian Kastum calling U now!!!


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                    girls girls, announcement here! I went to Bi Feng Tang last night after I discover they came to Singapore.....very disappointed!
                    (I went to their Century Square branch so I am not sure the United branch varieties are more...)

                    Because they do not serve their nice dim sum over here!!

                    Oh caramel, I am so upset you know because like you I am having craving for their egg tart, hao gao and their infamous "jiao yan yu" but it can't be found here!

                    They only served those roasted items and "zhi cha" stuffs. :Doh:


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                      vel, do you think if alot of ppl feedback for them about the lack of their infamous dim sum they will bring in here? :huh:


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                        Do they have a suggestion card.

                        Mb if they do, can make the suggestion, prob their mgmt will consider


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                          cc_lia, whats the price like and the food standard for roast meat stuff?


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                            the food is so-so. rather disappointing IMO....

                            the price is alrite la.


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                              sorry for the late reply, cecilia. I didn't check this thread until now. :Doh:

                              Soooooo disappointing to read they don't serve dim sum here. That's a shame cos they really serve good stuff in China. Maybe we don't have the good chefs here, or our std of living is too high to engage them to work here.

                              And haven't go to any of the Bi Feng Tang S'pore (i nearly typed Bi Tai Feng. Hahaha... )

                              Anyway, i have been feasting too much for CNY and on Mos burgers, don't think i will go there anytime soon.