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Advices Needed! Keen to start a blogshop...

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  • Advices Needed! Keen to start a blogshop...

    Hi Cotters!

    Currently having the idea of starting my own blogshop and was hoping to get some advices here to see if this idea is feasible or not.. So feel free to provide any advices, whether to go or not to go with this idea =)

    Also, I would like to get some opinions/suggestions on what kind of products would you prefer to see in the upcoming blogshop.. Clothing, Accessories (Earrings, Necklaces, Belts), Bags & Shoes etc.. If there are other suggestions, feel free to comment by adding a reply to this topic! ^^

    And also, to the existing blogshop owners, how much capital did you invest for a start?

    *PS: Not sure if there is already such a thread..Tried doing a search but couldn't find any so i apologize if there is such threads created.

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    You may want to check out how to start blog shop business

    Training: How to start a Blogshop in Singapore | HippoNetwork

    How to start a Blog Shop business in Singapore
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      It's not easy,but its always good to venture out and give it a try. At least you tried hard and have no regrets. Pretty tough in the beginning, but as you slowly build up your customer base, people love your clothes, and are willing to support you, everything will be easier then. All the best to you.


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        Start a blogshop in Singapore is very easy. Just don't rush to make money and enjoy the fun of doing business. Soon you will be very successful.
        Here is the tip. Visit : how to make a blogshop


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          It's quite easy to start a blogshop if you already have a pool of ready customers who are looking for the product that you are going to sell. However, from my few experience in setting up blogshops, it's quite tiring and it depends on how often you are "available online" to take in orders. It's more like a 24hours job for me. It's good to get customers, but the working hours are too long.

          Since then, I ventured out onto a new business platform, when I could get more free time on my own while having money actually come in without really being in front of the screen collecting orders. Now, people find me instead of me finding/waiting for customers. In the business that I'm doing now, it's so easy to penetrate into different groups and my income really tripled as compared to when I was a blogshop owner. If you're interested, just email me at [email protected] for more info.