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    Hi, anyone been to Xi-An before and can offer tips on the must-see and must-do?

    I know they are famous for Terracotta Warriors and Qin Shi Huang. We are also going to be staying at the cave dwelling at Pingyao.

    Any suggestions? We do have a tour guide, but we can customise our own itinerary


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      We went with a tour group last september/october, so they took us out to the see the warriors.
      Also, they took us to this beautiful garden with bathhouses en route to the warriors, I think it was Lady Yang's favourite retreat- the emperor's favourite concubine. Just adjacent to the garden I could see cable cars running nearby up a mountain, that might be nice for a lovely view of the area.

      There's also the Wild Goose Pagoda and surroundings, very pretty and a good view from the top of the pagoda.

      The city walls that run around the CBD has a great view of the city, and it's an historical piece, I think a temple on top that has a terrific view- there are gardens to visit I think on one side as well.
      We went during the autmn moon festival/national day, and they had lined the walls with bright lights so at night you could the outline in neon red. Looked really great.

      And don't forget to do some shopping!!!

      ooooh, before I forget, you should really make your way down to the muslim quarter- heaps of trinkets to buy and lots of unusual and yummy things to eat. And you can get cheap terracotta warrior souvenirs here that look the same everywhere else but is way cheaper. It's an outdoor market, well worth seeing.

      Also, you HAVE to see the main Xian museum housing a massive amount of chinese artifacts, can't remember the name but it was near the Banpo village which is NOT worth seeing.
      Anyways, the museum, Shaanxi History Museum also has artifacts from the warrior tombs and lots of other cultural artifacts from all of the chinese dynasties. You simply must see this one. This and the warriors are must-sees.



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        Thanks very much almathea. I'm back from my trip and basically covered most of what you mentioned. However, we did not do ANY SHOPPING!!! *sob*

        I really like Xi-An!


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          ooooh, hope you had fun. It IS an amazing place isn't it?
          Just to really get in touch with your motherland's culture and past, see where your origins came from and the splendour they once lived in.
          I'd love to go back, our tour group only spent two days there.


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            almathea, its a really culturally enriched place! When we were there it was actually snowing(lightly) so the entire place was really nice. Xi-An was our only destination and we spend about 6 days over there.

            Did you go to Pingyao Gu Cheng the ancient city? That was actually my favorite place!