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  • CNY/Shops

    I have no idea where to post this. So here goes:

    I am thinking of doing some shopping (although not with my ang pow money since I'm not going to get any ) and wonder aside from the major departmental stores, what other stores will be open on the 2nd day of CNY? Like, for eg, the shops at the City Link? Will they be open for business?

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    U dont spend CNY in SG usually? CNY in SG is like ghost town! Everywhere is closed, we cant even find something proper to eat! I hate CNY period


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      Oh so err, departmental stores are also closed on the 2nd day?

      They will only open on the 3rd day onwards, I presume?


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        Ya, mostly is 3rd day then is open. If not is 4th day


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          Thanks lots, Jemay


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            The only place I know that will be opened every day during the CNY is Delifrance.

            I know I might be cooped up at home with nothing to do (if I am not out), so this year I stocked up with some VCDs and DVDs to watch!


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              Most fast food such as Mc, KFC, BK and Mos burger are open during CNY. Cinemas are open too.

              Most shops and dept store reopens on 3rd or 4th day. That's when post-CNY sale starts! Look out for ad in the papers.

              p/s: i also dislike CNY period.


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                Kare, do you have anything to shop for specifically? if not, how about shopping online?


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                  oh yeah, i missed out Mustaffa centre. It shld be open during CNY, not their big day anyway.

                  Just in case, do call to confirm...

                  Mohd Mustafa & Samsuddin Co Pte Ltd
                  320 Serangoon Rd #03-00 Serangoon Plaza
                  Tel : 6298 2967

                  maybe even daiso...

                  Daiso Industries Co Ltd
                  2 Jurong East St 21 #03-85 IMM Bldg
                  Tel : 6566 9585


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                    Yes, yes, keep rolling in. Wonder if there is anywhere that can be more business minded to operate on CNY!


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                      i think kopitiam (coffee shop) will be open on CNY.


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                        Originally posted by Jazzie
                        Kare, do you have anything to shop for specifically? if not, how about shopping online?
                        Online shopping doesn't allow instant gratification. Plus, yah, I know what I want to get.


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                          Extracted from 8Feb ST ad...

                          "Our Store will open till 5pm today, and will be closed on 9 & 10 Feb. Tangs will resume normal operating hours no 11 Feb (Fri).

                          Here's wishing all a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year"


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                            Ikea's closing at 5pm today

                            Will remain closed on 9 & 10 Feb.
                            Will reopen at 10am on 11 Feb.


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                              You mean even major malls like Isetan, Taka, etc are all closed for 2 days??