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  • Gong Xi Fa Cai


    I'd like to wish all Cotters "Gong Xi Fa Cai" regardless of your races.

    To the moderators and founder of such a great local site... keep up the good work.

    I wish the tsunami victims are picking up bits and pieces and lmove on with their lifes.

    Finally to the all CozyMoms whose CozyBabies are celebrating their 1st CNY... enjoy receiving ang bao and am quite sure some babies will get treat to tasty, yummy new year cookies.......

    Happy Chinese New Year

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    I'll like to wish all the lovely ladies here Good Health, Health is wealth! :wish:


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      Wishing everyone a happy new year!

      I'm so excited and happy to think that next year at this time, my baby girl would be able to sit and eat with us rduringeunion dinner and probably be toddling about already! I'll buy her some really pretty dresses for CNY next year.


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        hehehe... my CNY greetings' in my signature... all the time!

        I wish all cotters (and all lurkers) a happy and prosperous New year!! Remember 8888888888, many many 888888!!!

        - More wonderful makeup for all of us.
        - More sprees!!!
        - More swap!!!
        - More pretty (and cheap) clothes!!!
        - More LoVe and make LoVe and maybe more babies to some!!!
        - Better looking skin for all!!! (i want this badly!!)
        - No war, no disaster
        - Less tax, more pay increment and more bonus!!!
        - Less MCs, unless it's gen type (cheated) then granted by MoM 14 days a year. Hahaha....

        And most importantly, more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to all of us.

        I love you all !!!


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          A very happy lunar new year to all the cotters!

          Stay happy, healthy and properous!


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            Happy New Year 2005 to all the lovely cotters around here!

            Hope there would be good luck , health and prosperity to every single cotter!


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              Happy New Year, everyone!

              I wish everyone best of health and luck. In this new year, spend wisely, eat wisely, be happy!

              No matter newbies, oldbies, hope to see u here often and more contributions from everyone. Cozycot, a place we cant get enough of it :wow:


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                Wishing everyone a Prosperous and Happy Chinese New Year! Have a wonderful year ahead!


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                  happy lunar eve to all the cotters!

                  wish all of us will have a great and smooth sailing year ahead!


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                    Happy chinese new year to all cotters as well! I really love you guys, you've become such a huge part of my life in just these few months

                    gives a big yummy hug to all

                    I wish for great skin, beautiful clothes, great hair for all of us, and may all your dreams/wishes come true.


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                      Wishing all cotters a Happy & Prosperous New Year!!


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                        Happy New Year to all Lovely Cotters!

                        :wish: And I wish everyone HEALTHY, WEALTHY and PRETTY!


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                          yup yup Happy CNY to everyone in CC!


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                            Here's my wishes to all the lovely cotters out there during the Rooster year :wish:

                            Good Health , Additional Wealth , Peace and Harmony within your family and yor loved ones


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                              Gong Hey Fatt Choy to everyone here!