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What did you feed your baby today?

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  • What did you feed your baby today?

    I have 3 kids (8y, 2y and 10.5m). I cook for them everyday (food according to age) from scratch and generally avoid factory made products. But I try to diversify my menus and introduce them to different tastes and textures. My eldest for instance knows how to smell and taste wine, eat raw oysters, foie gras...

    I am curious as to what mothers in S'pore feed their children, especially their babies who can eat solid food. We could exchange recipes. I remember eating lots of porridge when I was a kid but that is one thing I don't know how to cook. And I love congee...

    Yesterday I fed my youngest baby a simplified version of lamb korma with rice. Today I'll be feeding him a Vietnamese Pho (beef soup). All the food's mixed with a simple handheld blender.
    For the lamb korma :

    minimum-fat shoulder lamb
    coriander, turmeric, cumin, cinammon, cloves, garam marsala powder
    roasted dessicated coconut
    onions, garlic, ginger mixed to a paste
    tomato puree
    yoghurt and creme fraiche

    fry meat, add roasted spices, paste, puree etc.

    cook in pressure cooker for 1-2 hrs till meat melts in the mouth.

    You can mix the meat, some curry sauce, rice and boiled veggie together till puree consistency.

    He loved it!

    I fed the older children the same thing without mixing anything.

    Very often I would put the rest of the food into containers and keep them in the fridge or freezer.

    In France we feed babies solids around 6 mths. Just veggies and fruits (and no salt, pepper etc) but only one at a time so that baby can discover each taste and we can check for allergies and personal likes and dislikes easily. At 8 mths, we start the meat but not more than one meal per day containing meat and preferably lunch. A few more weeks and we can start to diversify and innovate. Our babies already taste what we eat when in the womb and they continue doing so if we breastfeed them. So it's great to continue the adventure!

    For the vietnamese pho :

    oxtail or beef to be braised
    onion picked with cloves
    cinnammon stick and star anise
    bay leaf
    kuay teow or other noodles

    Heat some oil in a pressure cooker, fry onions, spices, beef till fragrant. Add the veggies and water and cook till meat melts in the mouth.

    In a bowl, put in some soup, carrots, meat and noodles and mix. Serve baby.

    Tomorrow I'm between grilled cod with garlic and olive oil potato puree, and just spinach and ham puree. What do you think?
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