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  • Couchsurfing Experiences to share

    Hello cotters, anyone care to share their experience doing couchsurfing? Overcoming your fears for the first couchsurf? tips to get along with your hosts?

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    Some tips
    1. always let your friends or family know the address and person you are going to stay at.
    2. ask for ground rules (hey, its her/ his home but you're still have to have privacy) waaay in advance. if the rules changes upon arrival, decline to couch surf. period.
    3. buy your host a dinner. be nice. he's or she's nice for letting you stay over.
    4. keep all trash and pack up neatly after.
    5. flush.

    have fun!


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      couchsurfed in new zealand two years ago! it was very exciting and everyone i met was helpful and kind. Some details here
      I think it really depends on the place you're going to- some places generally have a very active and vibrant CS culture that's backpacker friendly, like new zealand. Some tips- it's fairly easy to hitch a ride if you're 2 girls instead of 3 or 1 male 1 female.
      When look for a couch, try those with more reviews to be safe- usually they're more established and reliable.
      If you're on a budget, i'd say COOK your host a dinner, makes it more personal and could be cheaper (depending on where)
      also, if you couchsurf, be ready to share and make friends because you're living in the living room/bed room of others...
      there are some hosts that are more busy and would just throw u the key and leave u alone but others expect you to interact and share your experiences and views, so be open-minded...
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        There is only one coachsurfing website so far right? ?


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          Originally posted by Ellis_girl View Post
          There is only one coachsurfing website so far right? ?

          yep you're absolutely right. But there are a few similar types of websites, not called couchsurf but other terms but essentially it's the same concept. couchsurf however is the biggest and i believe most reliable.

          this post might be useful for you: How to Travel Through 20+ Countries with Free Room and Board some info on how to couchsurf for beginners.

          It's hard making the first step but once you try it'll be ok!
          Just be open minded and be ready to take risks and adapt to situations.