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Ectopic pregnancy ? Please help!

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  • Ectopic pregnancy ? Please help!

    Dear all,

    My menses which is supposed to be due by 23 Jan, but it's not here yet. I've been feeling nausea without vomiting & it coupled with mild cramp on both side of lower abdominal. Sometimes twinge sensation can be felt too on both side of lower abdominal. It's worrying me when I google on pregnancy symptoms and found the topic of "ectopic pregnancy" alongside. I worried because i dont't have obvious pregnancy symptoms but have similar ectopic symptom for example twinge sensation on both side of abdominal.

    Based on the normal pregnancy symptoms, here's my condition:
    (a) Nausea- yes but without vomiting, on & off throughout the day, before menses due date.
    (b) missed menses - yes but my menses has been late for few days since October last year. So I have not't do pregnancy test yet.
    (c) Implantation bleeding or Spotting - dont't have, not even spotting
    (d) Feel hunger - yes
    (e) High temperature - no, feeling cold instead.
    (f) tender or sore breast - feel tender sometimes but not sore, could be symptoms of pre-menstrual.
    (g) fatigue or tired - not really
    (h) Sleepy - yes, mild
    (i) cramp - I usually had it during menstrual. But now I have it for days but no menses yet. The cramp is mild and it happen one side at a time.
    (j) frequent urination - yes but mild meaning not throughout the day.

    Now very stress as I'm over 35years old, chances of having ectopic pregnancy is higher.

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    Hi Y2K, you should see a doctor from a womens' clinic or a gynea to get proper professional advice for such matters
    If you're really worried, then it would be better for you to go right to the womens' clinic at the KK hospital.


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      Dear caramelover,

      Thanks for your concern and advice, I think I owed you a reply. Been away from this forum, dealing with MS, busy with all the readings & didn't see all the advices from you all. Am grateful for the concern and your advice. Hope your advice help all MTBs too. I have went to see gynae during 6weeks, am going to 10 weeks soon. So far so good, I think we tend to get worried about the health of your baby started from conceived and the worries continues.....

      Heard a lot of miscarriage incidents, suddenly felt that we become so fragile once we got pregnant, and now I chose to become superstitious by following families' and friends' old wife myth beside taking care of myself to eat & drink moderately, e.g. don't eat mutton, watermelon, pineapple, papaya & lady finger, don't drink barley and herbal tea, don't cross over a chain or rope barrier, etc. So believe it or not, better play safe than sorry...