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Good news for Jackie Chan's fans

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  • Good news for Jackie Chan's fans

    Source: CZ12 | Chinese Zodiac 2012

    To mark the release of CZ12 DVD, InnoForm Media has launched a new concept “Growing Jackpot” Campaign, dubbed the “CZ12 DVD Mega Draw”, starting with $1,088. Consumers can simply BUY a CZ12 DVD, SMS to enter the Mega Draw and REFER their friends to boost their chances. For every entry, InnoForm Media will contribute a token sum of money into the Grand Prize. There is no limit to the Grand Prize.

    These are what you will be getting if you buy a <CZ12 十二生肖> DVD at $14.90:
    1) $5 e-Voucher or $108 cash.
    2) $900 voucher
    3) A copy of Fengshui Consultant Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong’s 2013 Chinese Zodiac Forecast (十二生肖蛇年运程) DVD and Handbook worth more than $15.00
    4) A chance to win the Grand Prize
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