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  • Close co-worker

    Just like to seek opinion here.
    My wife has a male co-worker whom she report to for work. She and him is sort of pretty close as in she would text him often. Nothing flirtatious. I did peep at some of the messages. Talking about aspiration some times, gossip about other colleagues. And sharing of songs whom he and she likes. But the texting could carrying on even on weekdays night when I wasn't 'aware'. She uses the iPhone app call 'Line' which she would lock with a password and when this app was unlock last time, I know he is the only person she texted. So now when it's locked, I get kind of uncomfortable.

    Should I be worried? Or should I just be a bit less uptight and let them be?

    Thanks for reading.

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    just ask her directly about locking the app. you have the right to ask dont you? there's no need to lock if there's nothing to hide.

    just sharing that some people will developed feelings for each other when the interactions (texting, calls,) are very frequent.. there must be a line drawn.


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      sounds fishy to me, ask her.


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        Seriously, I am not sure how to approach her. Cos she don't know I am looking at it.
        I know she might not be 'into' him. Probably to her, it's just platonic in certain sense. But for that guy, he might not think so.
        We have sort of talk about this before but it just doesn't put me at ease.