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  • Bali

    Thought I should share this with all of you..

    My friend and I have been planning a trip to Bali for the longest time but it didn't happen due to cost etc. Then this morning, she sent me a link to this DBS page that is giving away free tickets to Bali. Link hereI managed to cracked the code so now i'm just hoping that I will win. Just wondering if anybody else here played it too or wants to travel to Bali like me.

    *fingers cross*, if I do manage to win the tickets and my Bali dream comes true, where are some places that I can visit there?
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    Bali has a lot to explore- you can visit the water palace, or surf at Kuta beach or visit the cultural center, padi fields and art galleries at Ubud. I wrote a post about it here. When are you going (if you are)?

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      Bali is a beautiful place! The beach... the sun... the food... the shopping!!
      Food is cheap and delicious.

      Hope you win!!


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        Bali is nice but I did find the food a bit expensive. Maybe it was just the Nusa Dua area where I was staying. Next time I will have to do abit more research on food before I go.


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