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What do you eat when you exercise?

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  • What do you eat when you exercise?

    sometimes when I eat too much before working out I feel too bloated, but when I don't eat I have too little energy and get tired halfway through. What foods do you ladies eat before and after exercise? other than bananas please!!

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    You should eat a carb-rich but light meal two to four hours before you start your workout. eg; potato salad. Drink lots of water before you start too cos it helps you to go longer


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      I don't want to undo my efforts at the gym, so usually I will eat enough food to support my activity level.


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        Yes, carb-rich diet but not too full. The carbs will give you more energy and the workout will burn the carbs.


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          Carbo rich diet as well but I do feast on muesli bars as well. Always grab a bite at least 1.5h before our workout so that you have the energy and stamina to last through it. Not too heavy a meal as you don't want to have health problems developing or your stomach churning. Eat healthily work out happily! =)