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  • suggestions for holiday?

    my hubby and i are thinking of going somewhere with our son this june holiday! been checking out some destinations like new zealand and maybe taiwan? Where did you ladies go for holiday recently? Any suggestions for some family time??

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    Music has always been a big part of that season for me.Suggestions of time saving tips for holiday meal preparation, to get you out of the kitchen and spending more time with family and friends.

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      maybe shanghai, tokyo?

      or somewhere to really just relax would be phuket or bali:D


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        Today and in 2014 Dubai will be the choice for many tourists, because a child lady or a man can all have fun and find things to do in Dubai, Artists in Dubai performing during various events are just outstanding. One can find a lot for entertainment in Dubai.


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            I am going to holiday with family in Canada!!!


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              Dear prettyinpinkie

              My family and I have participated in 8 days turkey package tours . Istanbul to Cappadocia and Kusadasi Ephesus and Pamukkale total 2500 euro + international air tickets. first private airport transfer in istanbul boutique hotel located in Istanbul Old City with my guitar to . There was a very large spacious rooms at the hotel also had a very nice view of the sea Bosphorus . They served breakfast buffet in the morning and I just drank coffee and ate cake . I joined istanbul private tour , our tour guide was very knowledgeable and female . Told us very detailed information about Istanbul . I lived in Greece is the first time in istanbul Bzanti . golden horn natural inner harbor. Istanbul Hippodrome Kosntant made ​​on time and this was used as an arena . 2 obelisk was brought from Egypt . Thodarakis time around Istanbul surrounded by huge walls and thus the city has been very sheltered . Hippodrome German emperor German Fountain was built as a gift to the Ottoman sultan .

              Built during the Ottoman palace and mosque, which went very nicely. In 1453, Sultan Mehmet conquering Istanbul and Hagia Sophia was converted into a mosque and four minarets was added. to the inner walls are handwritten calligraphy. Hagia Sophia and the Topkapi palace, which is next. Baghdad Pavilion was made Sultan Mehmet the first time. is formed from numerous mansions. Has room management of the Ottoman Empire space. Whether sultans and harems where women were part of the family. The vaults of the sultans are exhibited objects made of gold and silver. Finally we went to the blue mosque sultan ahmet made ​​on behalf of and very much elongated dome and minaret are 4 pieces. There are in blue tiles and ceramics.


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                Cappadocia is a wonderland and a protected area by UNESCO. Cappadocia with our morning tour guide did a very nice organic natural breakfast. Cappadocia Goreme open air museum here Gitta and had numerous cave and the fairy chimneys and people lived here. There are hidden cave churches and their places of worship of the people here, and here are adorned with pictures of Jesus and Mary. In Goreme special boutique cave hotel had a large number of hotels had a very large spacious rooms. cave hotel which is very warm in winter and cool in summer there was a natural ventilation system. The highest point of the fortress and end cappadocia cappadocia landscape had a very nice here.

                Our tour guide went along with Zelvia open-air museum, where there were numerous cave and the fairy chimneys. Cappadocia balloon tour we attended. We went from the ground to a height of 200 meters and many balloons were flying here. There was a spectacular view of cappadocia. Avanos works of Turkish handicrafts and souvenirs shops were sold and a very nice leather dress coat jacket clothes are sold. In models with a wide variety of color patterns had shops selling leather clothing. made a very nice hand woven silks and woolen carpets had. Pasabahçe Devrent and pigeon went Valli and the place is very nice pigeon watched the flight of birds. Pole Star and underground borehole deflections and the people here have used for shelter and hiding.


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                  TROY AND GALLIPOLI TOURS

                  Hemeros in destano in ilye 10 year war known as the battle of Troy . I went to the city of Canakkale and the 30 minutes walk from the museum Troy had a very wide spread , and since 1975 years of excavation and restoration work is done. A large number of books and magazines about Troy documentary film Troy starring Brad Pitt finally have . Used in the film Troy horse sculpture is exhibited in Canakkale city museum . Troy is as old as human history and is composed of nine separate layer . Each layer represents a separate civilization . a separate country every civilization . The first 90 meters wide in a castle and the last layer had a very beautiful ancient city of Troy . King's road, and this was on the road decorated with many statues and Columns . Shows very nice and had a theater and this was used as an arena . Storing the soldiers at the statue of Troy secretly enters through the door of the castle , the castle door opens, and the war would be the winning side .

                  On the peninsula of Gallipoli in 1915 made ​​a number of war had a gallipoli. Gallipoli left from the war, many military trenches and tunnels are available. who centilm gallipoli war is known as the end of the war. gallipoli war first olmış very big sea battle and the British royal family, which belongs to all vessels were sunk or damaged too big. Australia and new zealand composed of British troops with ANZAC soldiers of the Turkish military has been very Buyaka war. April 25, ANZAC day is celebrated as the day of commemoration and much is done. ANZAC and Turkish military is too large for the memorial tombs and statues made​​.


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                    EPHESUS TOURS
                    Ephesus 600 meters wide and extending to the harbor has a marble path. The first homes on the slope of the people are seated. Slope next to the house of the king's palace and the city hall is located. On your King is decorated with many statues and Columns. Ephesus is very valuable to scientists and architects Artist lived in the city of Ephesus have made the most beautiful works سياحة اسطنبول , باكيج تركيا Very beautiful temple which has a very large main gate. On both sides of the marble statue of King Trojan Fountain has been yapııl. There are input and a heart mark here the building is formed from several rooms and has a natural ventilation system. which uses a combination of a number of people have outdoor toilet.

                    Ephesus in the square, which is a very beautiful work of art had great architecture. Celcus Libray 4 pieces made ​​of marble statues on the exterior are. greek arabic and strictly hand I had written books. Libray of Celsus, but inside the outer part single storey, two-storey structure was built to receive more light. Ephesus was a harbor city and is known as the capital of the Asian continent. Ephesus caravan with goods from here to Europe are transported by ship. Ephesus is a city rich with their trade exchanges. Very wide-spread and very beautiful ancient cities in the final section with a capacity of 10,000 people and a magnificent theater performing arts center. Ephesus theater has a very nice sound and light system.


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                      I went boracay with my family, and cousins. My baby cousin is just 3 years old and he had so much fun there. We went to explore the depths of the ocean, and a helmet dive. It's such a wonderful experience though I'm not a sea adventurous person. The sailboat tour will take you to several spots such as the crystal cove and puka shell beach.


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                        Maldives is nice too


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                          Can't agree more on that. It's a paradise.