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Should I get a personal trainer?

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  • Should I get a personal trainer?

    Does it really help and is it worth the price? HELP!

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    Hey citygirly! Check out contours express! I read reviews and have went to sign up trial sessions with them!

    Is a all woman gym and you have attention from personal trainer! And is not expensive! They will monitor down your progress and help you do measurements! I feel that i should give it a try as i want to lose weight! I am looking forward to my first trial


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      Hey, just saw this in another forum.

      A personal trainer is giving away personal training sessions at pay what you want, and its 50% to charity too!
      Good time to try out!

      PWYW Fitness


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        My uncle goes to the gym behind paragon, I think it's call pure fitness. I don't go gym at all, but I heard that its a must to get a personal trainer as he is the expert and he knows best as to guiding you along in the gym. They will teach you about nutrition stuff, helps you to keep track of the progress you are making and keep you informed on ways to improve. My uncle told me a good trainer will recognize your successes and act as a positive force in helping you to achieve your fitness target.
        In Singapore, all trainers should be certified by the Singapore sports council. If you are looking for a good trainer, get to know where he went to, the schools, and what certification programs he has completed.


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          Any price range to share jingyeo ? I am thinking about it but worried about the costs too.


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            I think personal trainers are important esp when starting out to get the form right and things
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              I put on weight after I started my new job last year. There is always no time and tons of excuses not to exercise. I made myself paid for a personal trainer. At least there is a commitment. I will make a point to leave early that day to workout. No regrets cos I always feel good after that. Of course, I look better in my clothes.


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                If you just started going to the gym, it is good to start off with a personal trainer(pt). They can show you different exercises for different purposes and which equipment to use as well. There are so many machines in the gym that one may not know how to operate. I have friends who get PT to start them off on a weight loss programme or to help hem to keep fit. Some have illness and sickness history and a PT will help you to exercise in the right way that one won't reinjure oneself.
                If you are savvy at technology, perhaps u can consider reading up online and learning by observing the PT teaching the public. Save money! =P


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                  If you have never been to a gym before, I would recommend a personal trainer to guide you along. Teach you things like what to do for warm up, cardio, how to use machines, what to focus on.

                  After you are familiar and roughly have an idea of what exercises to do, I think personal trainers are too expensive. haha. I won't wanna pay $120/hr to see someone make me run for 30 mins and then do some exercises (I paid for one before. regretted it).

                  I guess if you have the determination, you don't need a personal trainer! Just get down to your gym and start running. Unless you want a certain type of physique. Some personal trainers even ask me for tips when I was doing my training. that was funny. I told him to pay me $120/hr :x

                  My gym's personal trainer rates are $120/hr. Cheaper if you buy in bulk. It's too expensive imo!!!


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                    I think its important to work with a trainer if you have specific goals in mind. I had a friend who wanted to lose weight and went cycling like 3 times a week and 45min each. She did lose weight after 4 months, but her hips and thighs were also noticably bigger. Trainers can definitely help you to lose weight while maintaining a slender figure but gotta pay a lot i guess.