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  • Managing Finances

    Hoping to find cotters good at managing personal finances. kinda need some tips here...

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    To me, whether you're an individual or a couple or someone looking after a family... managing your money can be a challenging task ... so it's important to make investments to allow your money to grow...also, try to keep a track of your expenses according to the budget you have set for yourself. If you can save more than you spend then you're on track! In my opinion, investing is a must and that’s why I suggest you check out info on different types of investment options available on the web.... Cheers!


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      what kind of tips you looking for?
      save money tips or "making budget meet" tips? haha.
      but imo, its about knowing what is spent where?
      if not you will end up spending a lot of "money in vain"


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        If we want to start on investment
        How do we prep ourself to be investment savy


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          Check out
          I go there for investment inspiration.

          Click image for larger version

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