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love at first sight?

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  • love at first sight?

    Do you fall in love with a person immediately? or is it more gradual and building over time? curious to know if anyone has ever had the love at first sight experience!

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    For my husband, it was love at first sight! I met him 10 years ago in our school library. He was my senior and tadah, 10 years later, we are married with a baby boy now. I believe, over so many years feelings grow along the way and brought us to where we are now.


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      i didn't fall in love immediately with my soon to be fiance, was more gradual build up of love. We met online on facebook from a mutual friend.After 2 year of being tgt I grew more and more in love with him knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. We did spend time to truly know each other and not rushing into things.

      Another year later..... and ta-da! he finally popped the question!
      we did cutesy stuff for one another.... some good examples to do for each other such as these.

      love is not all about the initial physical attraction!
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        Yes, I did. It feel great having love at first sight. immediately, upon one eye contact, you will know that the one for you.

        but too bad, love at first sight is not always love after that when getting know better.