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  • Turkey

    any good travel agency to recommend for psckage tour to Turkey?

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    You can try Chan Brothers, they are specialise in that.


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      okie thanks. also heard dynasty travel quite good.


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        i went with ASA last year.. was pretty good too... but i went in Aug which is a hot month.. prefer cooler periods..


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          The last time i went Turkey was around $1100 plus for 7 days, 6 nights.


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            Hi Dear travluv
            Me and my husband have done after the wedding, honeymoon vacation is a very nice holiday and I live in Istanbul and turkey, including a 12 days honeymoon trip and travel memories to share with you here on a daily basis. Kusadasi ephesus pamukkale istanbul as we prefer the first route, and a two-day trip to the marina with a trip to Fethiye Oludeniz memories of the trip has been completed and all the events we live in and travel from there taking photos of the places that we'll write an article about the dates here every day read.

            Stockholm to Istanbul istanbul reached after a journey of about 4 hours and used turkish airlines plane ride was very nice and clean istanbul was reached, and here the contours of a private vehicle in a hotel in Sultanahmet, Istanbul is a very special honeymoon suite in this hotel and we stayed has developed an incredibly beautiful sea view room, which has a fabulous honeymoon. I had a very nice and in a honeymoon in a beautiful basket champagne and chocolates and flowers and rose petals everywhere, equipped with a very nice. Istanbul Hippodrome called early in the morning to meet up with our guide where we met. And many of them lived in Istanbul, the most important olananı civilization bzantum the first settlers from Greece, and then at the first Constantine made ​​it the capital of the Christian king, and then here is a very special structure which justinyen Haqia sophia has built a very short time, such as five years. The spectacular architecture of this building is very nice and lots of tile mosaics are hand-written articles.

            After the conquest of Istanbul by Sultan Mehmet in 1453, this structure is subsequently translated into a mosque and four minarets were added in the last fifty years as a museum used. Finally, and here is where the gladiators fought at Hippodrome many races where the show is made and exhibited in theaters two of the arena, and subsequently added, and the last German emperor of the Ottoman sultan obelisk as a gift to a German fountain built. We ate a nice lunch and where the first had a very nice Turkish meze and grilled meatballs as a main course and then dessert and then drank the last of the coffee in a nice english. a very tasty meal.

            Then we went to Topkapi palace, and this is the most beautiful palace of the emperor ottoman and two-storey houses with a classic Ottoman architecture with beautiful homes and very has a beautiful garden and a magnificent palace. Here is a great first horse-drawn carriages on display in the family use the ottoman, and then that is a very beautiful and precious As the world's largest diamonds and emeralds and rubies had a great throne, and this is the last place of residence of the Ottoman harem family I called. Then the sultan ahmet We went in the name of the blue mosque and minaret were very nice and very beautiful dome of six wonderful beautiful manuscripts in the magnificently beautiful articles and Iznik tiles and the floor tiles, and finally a wooded area with a magnificent garden. The first day trip to the islands over and tell you tomorrow.
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              Istanbul Big Princes Island
              This is a very nice breakfast at our hotel and then went to Kabatas islands ferries departing from the harbor. There are metro and tram kabatas the day and at any time kabatas easily reach. Made a very pleasant ferry ride lasts 1.5 hours and a very nice view of the sea and also drink tea and coffee on the ferry birds seagulls follow the ferry which was very enjoyable and also throw in the air to keep bread or bagels are very nice. Dolmabahce Palace on the right side first ferry journey moving to the left side, particularly where there is a gorgeous area Haqia Oldcity sophia and blue mosque right across the street with a gorgeous view and the scenery is fixed now There are at the bottom of the Topkapi palace dating back to the beach and the wooded hill unique garden looks very nice. Istanbul is the most beautiful I think back on it now structures in the name of the architect Sinan, Sultan Suleyman the works of art and historic tower looks very nice and the journey you pass the beautiful girl slow and slow-moving boat reached the island, and this is the first time burgaz then Kinali is the smallest island in an island, and the last name of the largest island in the Heybeli.

              There are quite a large square, the largest island in the first challenge, and there are numerous bakeries selling ice cream is very nice and the largest island in the car and motor vehicle Its use is prohibited to use outside the police fire and ambulance transport are made by bicycle and carriage horse carriage called. first right-hand The tea gardens are very beautiful sea coast. on the left side there are a large number of fish restaurant that sells seafood and island with a large number of Turkish restaurant meals are the most historic island and I koftecisinde grilled meatballs were very tasty and massively cheaper. Easily entered from every point of the island and the sea There are very nice and clean, nice skinned sea in a magnificent wooded area, where a large number of picnic areas. Ottoman architecture of the island's most beautiful There are examples of two-storey houses with bay windows and they are very nice houses with garden in a quiet and beautiful island sonderce in orchards at the top of the island by horse cart There is a very nice view of the island and the island where we had a great day, and drink tea, and it was quite enjoyable.


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                Great day Edirne

                Istanbul daily tour can be done in a very nice place alternaif art history and an amazing tour for those who want to stay alone with nature. Isttanbul'dan nice it was a very comfortable ride and very comfortable private car. 1.5 hour-long, air-conditioned vehicles made ​​way, and at the end of the highway and the city came to rianople Selimiye Mosque is a great work from appearing. Although the son of Sultan Suleyman the magnificent capital city of Istanbul Sultan Selim in Edirne, the architect in his name a master sinan mosque. This four-minaret mosque dome in a very elegant and long walls of the large number of very large and have a great line of beautiful manuscript processing Iznik tiles and tile are the best examples of all of them, and even the color red is dominated by a magnificent masterpiece of Mimar Sinan track with my skill expressed as a sultan mosque ethics. Join now located under the glass has an old bazaar where there are a large number of shops selling souvenirs and soap here There are many beautiful ornaments made ​​of.

                Edirne is a city with its own unique dishes and special here without any other restaurants in the city, which is also a different taste so delicious and fresh gras pan Beaten with a fabulous meal with a nice salad and you have to try and do a wide variety of fine dining and local desserts are unique to you. There are a large number of houses in the city of Edirne since the Ottoman era, and they are carefully protected here. Edirne, the second capital of the state of being an ottoman and thereafter moved to Istanbul and Edirne, featuring the capital of the Ottoman empire, the second city in importance and value. in the center of the city where a beautiful from Europe, and it flows from the historic bridge maritza moves to the opposite side. maritza returant for the bakery and coffee & tea garden, and a large number of the last You can see the statue of NATO as a symbol of peace in the city park. Edirne, came to Istanbul at the end of a beautiful day and a very nice evening here Here is information about the stiffness and mevlana derwish show and had an air of mystique and various different dance styles affecting me so much peace and impressive online an incredible beauty and hard to explain in a show.


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                  Magnificent ephesus in Aydin

                  We got up early in the morning here to Ephesus, and a private car arrived at the Sabiha Gokcen Airport, and from there a plane ride lasted about 50 minutes with pegasus airlines located in Izmir Kusadasi arrived and checked into our hotel and then from there it's a four star located in Kusadasi center is really nice sandy beach that is perfect first day the need for the entire day at the pool, water sports and animation to the sea and table tennis competitions from the show I've participated in contests and gifts They are great as a gift, and a champagne breakfast in the morning to get unlimited meals, eating dinner in our hotel which was very nice and plenty of salads and the end of the meal I ate grilled meat dishes and strong Turkish coffee I drank sugary. We ate lunch in Kusadasi, and here especially the fish ashore There were a number of Turkish appetizers before the main meal, and then a nice meal of fresh grilled fish was very tasty.
                  There are very nice here and used the historic market Kusdasi There are shops that sell crafting ornaments.

                  The ancient city of Ephesus Kusadasi is located approximately 45 minutes away from the ancient port city. This is where many civilizations lived and these Some of most of them is knowing what greek roman byzantine. China via the Silk Road to Buradaya Arapa half the island of spices and silk from India is a very The number of the commercial value of the goods come here Find here the value of trade exchange and from here all the vessels arrive at the port of loading bari italy goes to Europe.Here is a very valuable scientists and artists of the period who lived in this city, and many have done significant work. 500 meters from the main entrance of the city dates back to the harbor has a long way to marble. many valuable statues on either side of a fountain statue of the king, and even has two side. later in the There is a toilet that is pretty funny, which is open to the public. a love heart sign at one entrance to the house, and in this case there are so many rooms, the natural ventilation system with the place.

                  Which is what makes it special promotions Celcus all ephesus library is literally a work of art and the building from the outside on the front of the four two-storey sculpture peace, justice, civil rights, and they in turn have the means. This is where the real king of Roman graves have inside. which is very close to here If you are on the road there is a bronze sculpture made ​​by the pope, and this has been identified as a place of pilgrimage, and the ceremony is a very special day of the year since 1986 and is held very large. Known as the nightingale in the cross-shaped top of the virgin mary house is very beautiful and peaceful place, and I also pray a lot I hope you've been drinking water from the fountain wishes would agree to make a wish. Ephesus had lit candles and nuns studying the Bible.


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                    cappadocia is another planet

                    Nevsehir Denizli bus station and boarded a bus arrived at the air-conditioned, and from there we went to our hotel in Urgup. All hotels in cappadocia cave feature of all the offers an experience that is unique to the hotel just in different and quite cool in the summer and in the winter the most interesting people who have lived here for thousands of years is very very hot There are natural and mystical aura. All of the dishes we made in our hotel in Cappadocia, especially one hundred percent organic breakfasts in the morning were the Turkish mezes and very tasty, especially with the egg. In the morning we went to a nice kahvaltısdan the Goreme open-air museum, where we met with our guide, and this Cappadocia and told us how the combination of history and especially Hasan mountain to the water being too hot lava and molten material over time due to wind a stunning natural wonders, which is similar to the present one, and indeed a lot of people say I'm on another planet with amazing beauty of the place.

                    There are a large number of the cave in Goreme open air museum where people lived their lives and even the Roman Empire and the war in hiding preserved cave.Flights arrived here and watch the spectacular valley Pigon Pigon is magnificent and spectacular somersault different flight figures. Ihlara valley is a wonderful place where the a small stream flowing through the middle and on both sides made ​​a number of houses and a large number of cave churches. Deep-well known as the pile of five and each of the seven floors of the magnificent underground cities in the dark here and people here are also very cold weather conditions specially lighted and wars In order to avoid lived here. Avanos be known as a place of soil and clay utensils and ornaments, the shops are very nice, and in particular bowl of water stored in so-called feature desti thermos and carry certainly remain in the water provides absolutely cold.

                    made a stunning gift items and I had a very nice coffee sets, and finally joined the cappadoce baloon tours with the first light of the morning My hotel in a private vehicle and left the track, and our hotel in Urgup Here we describe an amazing experience, excitement, and a great event that can not be Here you'll leave a height of 200 meters, and there are spectacular views of the Cappadocia Tours For those who want more detailed information on our internet cappadocia serving magmeficent received very professional and knowledgeable guides, especially made ​​for us and a wonderful service they gave the entire organization I would like to thank them turkey travel acenları A certified association. Finally, the honeymoon is sweet, and that's a lot of us have a gift turkish night show english dance music with a nice dinner.


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                      How was the trip to Turkey???