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Beware all their trick - (Laminate Flooring & Carpet)

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  • Beware all their trick - (Laminate Flooring & Carpet)

    I was getting some information for laminate wood for my child room when I come across this.

    Some useful information, do not let this happen to you. I request for 4 quote from different supplier regarding laminate flooring and carpet for my home. Never never choose from the lowest quote. I will just cut the story short.

    Salesman A ( lowest price ) came show us all the laminate sample and carpet sample. We need to do laminate flooring for our living room and two bed room and the audio room for carpet. Show sample quote us around $3.00psf for laminate flooring. (made in germany or german technology) lump sum for carpet : $800. So we confirm with him because the price seem to be the lowest and the sample look pretty nice. The day installation came. Two group of worker came to do installation. Nightmare begin
    salesman call up: I thought u will remove the skirting yourself????? Since when we say, additional cost , the door too low we need to help you to trim another additional cost. Hack away skirting $350 and trim door $70 each. WTF another addition cost they need more man power coz got furniture to move here and there. Unless I can get someone to help or Another $150.
    The carpet also got problem. The carpet came but I do not see any cushion below. Promise that the feel is like those hotel type but carpet came without the cushion. Need cushion addition cost. $500. My god.......... Told my hubby on the phone. He say ask them to leave and take all the laminate flooring and carpet away. Stop work. Then they say they want to sue us for all the materials. We already lost the $600 deposit. We just take it as a lession. Anyway I leave it to my hubby to settle with them.

    So we call the second highest quote. This salman came show us laminate and carpet sample. Laminate flooring from Malaysia and carpet from Taiwan. Quote us $3.80psf. Before we ask more question, he told us the price will be include this n include that. He good he told us all the problem and all the hidden cost. For the carpet quote us $1500 the price a bit high but guarantee good quality. Took out a lighter to burn the carpet wow fire proof carpet. So we confirm with him and three day later all job completed.

    What we like about him. Honest, responsible, came and made sure the worker did the job well.
    What we dun like about him. Too many call during our meeting and talk got mix with hokkien sometime we dun understand what he say.

    This is their company
    For sharing the above information I am not been paid or getting anything from them
    Cozy Rookie
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    Lesson learned, this should serve as a warning for those who are planning to hire such service. When hiring such service besides from the price there are some other factors that we must consider.

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