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  • Should I resign?

    Hi there,

    I am currently working in a co. and there is only the boss and me in the co. Basically, I 'do everything' in the co., including simple accounting.

    Ok, but that is not the point.

    Now, my boss has been borrowing money to supplement our co.'s finance. My salary has begun to be paid late and my co. owe me 4 months of CPF contributions, starting from Dec 2012 up to now.

    If I were to tender, I have to give 2 months notice. I sent out a few resumes but was thinking, who would want to wait for me for 2 months? I am not holding any professional qualification or doing any senior professional position, so why would any co. want to wait for 2 months for a small fry like me?

    I know maybe oneday if I were lucky, a co. is willing to let me have the job vacancy after 2 months but what are the chances?

    I do not want to get stuck in a co. that do not pay me on time and owe me the compulsory CPF contribution.

    What should I do now? Should I quit without a job? Start tender my resignation now?

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    Since he still owes you 4 months of cpf contribution, why don't you just report to cpf board. Moreover he has been paying your salary late, that shows he could be on the verge of bankruptcy. What if he can't even pay you your next month salary? Then you will end up working for nothing.


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      Thanks dear. I have the plan to tender end of this month. Meanwhile I will be lodging a complaint. I have not found a job yet but most likely need to decide when to tender.


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        You can also seek advice from MOM. Wish you best of luck!


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          Send in your résumé to afew companies, it will take some time for them to reply, so meanwhile, you can file a report to Mom and continue to search for a new job.