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    Dear all, just curious, do you all dread working for others? Why do we work so hard for 8-5 sometimes Overtime. Are there times when you all just feel like don;t care about anything and quit and live like there is no tomorrow?
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    In the beginnng, I work for my passion. As things in the office got really bad (politics, poor management etc.) I wanted to get out of the job but can't till now. So now, I work for money.


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      i work for the money and because i would have nothing to do except laze around all day at home


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        I work for money too. It's hard to find one where your dreams and $$ mix.


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          Originally posted by miracle
          I work for money too. It's hard to find one where your dreams and $$ mix.

          Yeap agree... i also work for $ for survival and so call future... but sometimes ****** very disheartening when work become a drag.... simply got no time for myself... no freedom i guess.... that when i feel sucks man...


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            Yes, I work for $ too. Compare to my peers, my pay is considered low. My colleagues are easy going and my department does not have too much office politics. Work is tough. And I need be on standby during weekends too. But, what do you really want?

            Working environment is a critical factor, for me, personally. Maybe a sense of belongings? But we should not become complacent. Must move on if you have the opportunity.

            Just my 2cents worth.


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              How I wish you'd asked me this a few years ago. I'd say, "I work because I love my job!" Of course, then I was young, naive. haha! Now, I work for money.


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                at first it was for the experience

                and the genuine excitement of meeting new people, seeing new places, doing new things

                after a while i got bored with corporate life and then later a secretarial stint that lasted 4 years, i decided to stop wasting my days doing stuff that bore me to tears and delve into what i love.. m/u and fashion

                then i realised that the constant quota hanging over your head just makes an M.A. a normal salesperson. luckily because i'm temping, i can still give a customer lots of my time because what i find rewarding is the happiness/contentment/excitement/oomph she gets when she finds an item that really works for her

                however i have to say much as i enjoy temping, it's the money i'm working for. if i didn't need it to pay my bills etc, i'd rather stay at home
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                  i work for survival. seriously, i hate working, i rather study anytime.

                  n i don't know what i truly love (for a job) til now. sad right?

                  but i do know i hate my job. sian....

                  i have no drive!!! why must i grow up???


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                    Yes, and only now do i truly cherish my school days which is too late!


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                      currently work for money passion for my work


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                        for money. some people get bored if they're not working. i'm obviously not part of the group. i'm pretty sure i'll always find something to do. but alas, without the money, i won't be able to pursue my interests.


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                          work for money? yes
                          i also work cos i wanted social interaction

                          i live to work i guess
                          imagine staying at home, with nothing to look forward to, and no money to spend?

                          work to buy the things i want and i need i
                          but really i quite enjoy the job i am in now
                          i can research all day long, which is really my passion!


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                            I work for money of course. But there are also days where I love / hate my job.

                            If I have to choose between a job which I hate with good pay and a job which I love but with poor pay, I'll choose the latter.


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                              erm.. i'm actually hoping to learn something from my job during my hols? plus of course the money. who can forget the money that lets me shop. I'm lucky, or unlucky that i'm working with a large organisation.. lucky cos the pay's pretty good and its gonna look good on my resume next time but unlucky because i think i might not get as much responsibility as in a small firm. but i'm fortunate in that i have a boss who's really nice and who's given me quite a lot of opportunities.