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Investment Workshop for Ladies

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  • Investment Workshop for Ladies

    Hi Ladies, anybody keen to attend an investment workshop with me? Please refer to this link for more details. PhillipCapital - Why Invest In Yourself (Ladies Workshop) - Eventbrite

    Kindly PM me if you are keen, I am looking for someone to attend with me to enjoy the bring a friend promo discount.

    PhillipCapital - Why Invest In Yourself (Ladies Workshop)
    Saturday, May 11, 2013 from 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM
    Ticket Price: Bring A Friend Promo - $42.50 -10% discount
    Min of 2 tickets required, regardless whether Phillip or Non-Phillip clients.

    Event Details


    When it comes to money, most people think that it is best to save and leave it in the bank. However, with inflation and increasing costs of living, more are seeing the need to invest their money in order to see it grow.

    The concept of 'investments' is a scary one for most women - especially to those unfamiliar with the various products. In this interactive workshop, we will break it down to simple terms where it will be easy to understand. You will also learn how to set financial goals and craft a personal plan on how to reach it.

    Come join us if you're starting to explore investing or recommend your female friends who are new to investments to attend!

    Those who attend will get a goodie bag worth $76

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    What is a good investment option according to you? I have some good amount of SGD to invest.


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      Depends. You can invest in gold or other precious metals especially in insecure times. Property or insurance investments can give you long term benefits. Or you can go to the banks here like DBS, HSBC etc and consult one of the relationship managers..they look at your financial needs, suggest new investment opportunities in Singapore and help you plan your investments.


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        hey Janice... one of the best options according to me is property investment and since you have good money to invest you can surely opt for this option .. I had suggested the same to one of my friends earlier and he had followed my opinion based on which he is getting good value for his property in case he decides to sell-off the same ..


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          Agree with Carrie... yeah. Property is still the best hedge against inflation. If you are interested to know how you can get high returns from a Triplex at NEWest for eg. please call/ sms 8118-0973 for an investment presentation. NEWest Singapore| Former Hong Leong Garden| Mixed Development