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  • Let the men wear what they want

    Women have been allowed utmost freedom in choice of attire not just at play but at work too. And by work I mean including reputable offices too. It’s obvious they have worn sleeveless tops of all shapes and patterns, some of which even opens a hole at their back, a few unpleasant looking, yet still allowed. Skirts of all kinds are allowed, with length not being an issue, and some which when looked from afar or in a seated position look no different from shorts. Even denim skirts are allowed on certain days, which look no different from denim shorts when looked at seated.
    Herein lies the irony, that men are still mandated ‘to wear sleeves’, though it has not been wholly unfair in this aspect as short sleeves are allowed, and even t shirts on certain days. However there is one region where men still face harsh judgment and lack of freedom-the lower region, ie the pants. We are still not allowed anything less than full length, not even on casual Fridays, and I really wonder why! As I mentioned, women are allowed all sorts of short skirts, with some looking like an item of its own, some looking like short pants of similar length and tailoring. Hence, how would allowing men the right kind of shorts affect the company’s image if u already are allowing women skirts which look just like that?
    When certain policies, arguments on modesty or restrictions are imposed, I always see thrown around the phrase “let women wear what they want”, whether they be in context or out, whether the advocacy is reasonable or not. Yes, let them wear as they please, even in the office it is so, yet why have we not seen “let men what they want”, when the specific area of restriction is imposed upon men? And most workplaces bear such discrepancy. Why the keenness on women “revealing inches of their skin” as a mark of freedom, when u don’t allow men to reveal any inch of theirs? Do not say ‘women aren’t allowed shorts too’ as an excuse to claim it’s still fair, because they are just not allowed to wear ‘male clothes’ that men aren’t allowed to, but in the region of their own ‘female clothes’, they are still allowed total freedom, and it is a known fact and unwritten rule that men cannot wear ‘female clothes’, hence absolute comparison is impossible. Rather we should focus on relative and equivalence, and as I said, many of those short skirts resemble shorts. It is evident that work dress codes have been evolving, as in the past formal skirt for women was defined as beyond the knee, where now those before knee are allowed and even approved by career counselors for job interviews, hence the same redefining could be made for men.
    I would recommend that shorts of a neat and smart disposition be allowed for the men, with specific exclusion on those sloppy kinds that have been circulating the market. Women would still have more clothing choices after this, but at least the men would have the necessary leeway to customize their preference. If allowed at work, restaurants and clubs which forbid men in shorts while allowing women in miniskirts would have to amend their biased rulings or lose business from a portion of working men.

    As a sidenote, at casual moments, I encourage young men not to shun the shorter kinds of shorts and let the clothing industry just presume we men only dare ‘reveal’ the parts of our legs after knee length. Pants are supposed to be male clothes traditionally, so why do women get to alter and wear questionably shorter versions of it while intimidating us not to? Please don’t resort to the sexist remark of ‘women having nicer legs’, cos even women with terrible legs also wear hotpants and short skirts(those with marks here and there, or plain obese that u can see lines on their upper thigh), while men with nice legs still don’t dare to reveal more. It’s clearly not a matter of appearance, what u can show for and compatibility now, so really, any man without any major disfigurement shouldn’t be aversive to revealing. I’ve seen men in full jeans walking with mates in extremely short or torn hotpants, and I wonder if they really enjoy totting around full jean material in our hot weather. Why torture yourself while your girlfriends enjoy the exposure? Go as short as u please! Sports shorts, fbt shorts, bike shorts, sports trunks, compression shorts just wear em, and I’m sure with so many fashion conscious males u can make this work without me saying more.