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Kopitiam dinning on V-day

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  • Kopitiam dinning on V-day

    Was chatting with a close friend today then she complained to me a lilttle about her SO meeting up with her at a mall. Initially she thought that he was going to ask her to pick something for herself then he would pay for it, but he didn't.

    Then apparently, when it was close to dinner time, he looked at her with a grin and asked "what about going to the kopitiam?" She thought that he was just joking, only when they started walking out of the mall then did she realise that he was serious about it.

    She didn't really mind actually, but just a little sour about it. Felt kinda sorry for her coz of his lack of effort...

    Would you be comfortable with dinning on V-day at a kopitiam?

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    i don't mind if pre-agreed but on the spot he suggests, i sure :eh: & :Doh: .

    she feeling better now? Maybe he has got some valid reasons? Or he is so 'like that' all along?


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      My bf & I also spent our V'Day @ a coffeeshop.

      But I'm really fine with it as it's who u're with that matters, not the place.


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        Actually..I suggest to my Bf having at cheaper place, maybe place like Mcdonald or Mos Burger..won't mind going to aircon kopitiam but not hawker center ...But last min going to kopitiam doesnt seem to be a good idea on V day, like what Vernis said, it's ok if pre-agreed...if not I'll him....

        Probably your friend's SO is trying to save money getting something to make up to her? Or is he trying to be different from others on V day?? :huh:


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          Some guys just don't understand women & the significance of Valentine Day.

          But to me, V'Day is just too commercialized these days.

          & I've been with my bf for 5+years, so don't really mind the ambience.


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            2nd yr thoughts!!


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              i agree too. I would rather take the $$ spent on lavish restaurants on clothings, MU etc. Rather not let the restaurant earn my $$ by jacking up the prices! SO and I went to eat at V8 Bugis thou, cheap and good!


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                I would my SO. haha nah, it doesn't really matter as long as she enjoys herself it's okay


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                  Originally posted by pinkqueen
                  SO and I went to eat at V8 Bugis thou, cheap and good!
                  We thought of going to V8 Cafe as well but didn't have the time so well...


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                    Eeks. I would cry!!! But maybe he did that on purpose, like just to prove that Vday is nothing great and just commercialised? guys are weird.


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                      i spent Vday cooking at home
                      for the past couple of yrs, SO and I actually make the effort to do the works one week before Vday.
                      Reason: to avoid paying for sky high prices.

                      i guess being sour about going to a "kopi tiam" is normal, but if you do expect anything from the SO, should tell him.

                      to me, Vday is an everyday affair and hey i dont mind the hawker fare!


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                        It depends on personal expectations on both sides. Some people dont see Vday as a huge deal and they dont think its nec to celebrate it in any way, that guy your friends dated prob thinks this way. I guess they must be a fairly new couple huh? If she has certain expectations, then its good to raise it up and see what he says/thinks.

                        For us, we almost always had something special in the past years but this year with our baby girl in tow, we had subway sandwiches with coke and cookies LOL. We did buy each other pressies and mine was a a lovely surprise present from hubby hehe.


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                          Originally posted by melody80
                          But I'm really fine with it as it's who u're with that matters, not the place.
                          I totally agree.

                          Probably he is a more practical kind of guy that does not believe in spending so much on a meal especially on valentines

                          Prob he will make it up to her some way or another ask her to look on the bright side
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                            i was eating with my boyfriend at hawker centre on V day. i was the one suggested as i rather spend the money on other things rather to those restaurant.

                            Last year, we went to JAck Plaze having our V day dinner, it cost us $100. So EXPENSIVE that we won't be stupid this year.


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                              Agree most resturants just like to make a "carrot" out of us during these periods.

                              For the same value, you probably can eat something more sumptous in a coffeeshop