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Facial lifting: techniques and results

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  • Facial lifting: techniques and results

    Hi Cozycoters

    A few years ago, I got a cheekbone/zigoma reduction surgery combined with buccal fat removal.
    Now, I feel like I may need a facial lifting to help my face look tighter (help the skin/flesh stick better to the bones in other words, have a better definition of my face's shape).

    Who could share their experience(s) with me here?
    Did anyone go through a "classical" facial lifting? A so-called "mini-lifting" procedure?
    Any injection procedure (may it be botox, restylane, altecole, etc.)?
    Gold Thread PGA Face Lift?

    Where (I would like to have this done in Taipei, or Seoul), at what cost, and for which results?
    How about the bruising, swelling, and steps for the results to appear?
    Thank you for your kind answers