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  • Brazil Churrascaria

    Brazil Churrascaria
    14, Sixth Ave
    Singapore 276476
    Tel: 64631923

    Here's an introduction i found on yahoo's travel guide

    Meat, meat and more meat. Yup, vegans should definitely stay away from this Brazilian restaurant. Dine on dark wooden chairs and white linen-covered tables. The jovial staff adds to the wonderfully warm ambience and fiesta music sets the mood. Waiters carve skewered meats such as leg of lamb, chicken breast, fish chunks, chargrilled topside directly onto your plate. For the more adventurous, try the chicken hearts impaled like kebabs. There is a central salad bar to ease any meat-frenzied guilt as well as a selection of wines from Spain and Chile. Corkage charges are from SGD30 to SGD50.

    Here's another review...

    Brazil Churrascaria was Singapore's first and (at the time I was there) only Brazilian restaurant featuring authentic Brazilian fare of prime cuts of meat, barbecued to melt-in-the-mouth perfection. Sliced off the skewer at the table by true-blue Brazilian Passadors. For veggie lovers, there is a scrumptious salad bar that's almost a meal in itself. Wash it all down with the house special, the Brazilian cocktail 'Caipirinha'. Eat all you want at one set price. The restaurant is decorated in the festive colours and flavours of Brazil with watercolours of Brazilian scenes, traditional wood panelling and classic Greek columns combine to give an aura of comfortable chic. Definitely a place to let it all hang out! The food is great!!!!

    I've not tried it myself. But i've heard great reviews from friends. Anyone tried it before?

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    Haha, it was crazy, I haven't eaten so much meat in one sitting before! But the cuts were awesome and servers were very attentive (didn't help that we were sitting right at the turn of the kitchen door), servers just kept coming with BIG cuts of meat on HUGE skewers. The beef, lamb and sausage were really good. Even the fish was great, all buttered up. Beef was exceptionally tender. The salad bar actually looked pretty good too, but I didn't have much time (or room in my stomach) to attack it.

    Wonderful if you love meat. But its best to take a month's break (at the very least) between each visit.


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      sounds interesting, my SO is a big meat lover, might bring him do i get to this place? any directions?


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        abit O/T, mention this restnt, it's not the thick cuts of meat that comes to mind. It's an article i read fr the ST forum dd 29 Jan 05.

        Here goes...

        MY FRIEND and I decided to dine at Brazil Churrascaria on a Friday a fortnight ago.

        I was early for the appointment and, at the entrance, I was told by the lead waiter that the restaurant was fully booked and it would be impossible for me to get a table.

        He handed me a name card and advised me to call to reserve a table the next time. I was told they did not have a waiting list.

        I walked away, cursing myself for not making a reservation and looked around for an alternative.

        However, my friend, an expatriate, went to the restaurant and was ushered immediately to a table. When he called me on my mobile phone to tell me he got us a table, I was shocked.

        The lead waiter recognised me when I returned to the restaurant. I demanded to know why expatriates were given preferential treatment and he shrugged his shoulders. I told him I would get to the bottom of the matter. Later he came to apologise but the damage had been done.

        Is it a common practice for a restaurant to choose its customers based on their race? To me, it looked like the restaurant was practising a modern-day caste system.

        Never in my wildest nightmare could I imagine I would be a victim of discrimination in my own homeland. This is because we pride ourselves as a society which treats people of all races, languages and religions equally.

        I decided I would never patronise such a restaurant again, no matter how good the food might be.

        Long Tien Kian


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          Its at Sixth Ave, just opposite Guthrie House
          If you're talking about buses, as far as I know 66, 174, 157, 970, 77, 156 goes there (loads more I think) and if you are driving, just Upper Bkt Timah Road and turn in!


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            thanks lots redpetal!


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              i've made reservations for it today... will give my review when i get back! *so exciting* lol


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                Ooh! Please do update!
                Anyway, this restaurant has been in the news lately, creating an uproar over whether they choose their customers based on race. I think the article that CaramelGirl posted started the great discussion. Later on, the boss of Brazil C wrote into the papers explaining their policy and how even though the restaurant looks empty, it is actually filled with reservations. I think he also explained that the writer's situation was sort of a special case, as in his friend just happened to be there at the time when a customer cancelled the reservation, thus his expat friend anaged to get it.

                Well, I really don't know who to believe, of course the restaurant may be telling the truth but who knows! This debate about caucasians gettin better treatment never seems to cease!


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                  Is this a buffet? if not, what is the average bill size?



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                    it is buffet. about $37 each for the buffet. if its just the salad bar buffet its abt $20+.. i think its $24.

                    the food was FABULOUS! Service was good.

                    shall update a further review later ... very sleepy now.. haha....


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                      I heard nothing but raves about the place from an ex-colleague and am tempted to try it but as much as i'm a 'carnivore', i'm quite doubtful of my own ability to consume so much meat within a night. Might be a waste of money if i can only down small portions and not try out the varieties they have. Also, i can't gather much friends to wanna dine there too...


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                        It's indeed a good place for meat lover. All their meat are roasted and thus to me, is consider as quite healthy( oops excuses again). Those who goes there, must try their roasted pineapple ( 2 types of pineapple, one of them is much more sour, but the other one is simply nice and sweet!)

                        I'm drooling now....

                        The salad bar is self service basis, and the rest you can leave it to the waiter to serve you. They will go around to every table and serve the meat to you. If possible, try every meat maybe in small portion first to decide whether you like it or not before requesting for more. Their lamb and beef are really nice.

                        And for their drink, personally i like the Bahia Cooler.

                        Must try!!!


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                          Luckily i had made reservations. When i got there, the restaurant was pretty filled already.

                          I was brought to my table...

                          while waiting for my friend, i was surveying the place...

                          I realised the restaurant did have alot of foreign customers. Servers were walking around with skewers of meat and ham with the aroma of the seasonings flashed past me, it was torturous! haha.. how i wish my friend would appear right away so that we can start digging in.

                          Being my first time there, i didn't know how the whole thing works. One of the servers explained to me that with the plate on our table, we can proceed to the salad bar...

                          for the salad.... while servers will come round with the meat to serve us.

                          Finally my friend got here! As soon as my friend arrived, we were first served a dish of cheese bread or was it called cheese balls? hee.. cant remember.

                          it was accompanied with 3 condiments to go along with it. First one you see in brown is a little like cai por that u get from the local chui kueh . The second is tomato paste and the last one is mixed vege. The cheese balls are quite nice but i couldn't wait to attack the salad bar! hehe...

                          this is my first helping to the salad bar...

                          n the truth is, its also my only helping. Coz after that, the servers just kept coming back to serve us adding onto my plate, different varieties of meat!

                          From chicken to lamb to sausages to pork ribs to beef ribs to beef tenderloin to chicken hearts to beef slices to fish to ham to... (that's all i can recall for now)... look at my plate...

                          oki.. i koe it probably looks abit messy here that it might not look very very yummy to u.. but IT IS VERY YUMMY!!

                          oki... after they changed my plate, my second attempt to take a pic to show u a nicer plate of the meats...

                          VERY NICE!! oh yes.. n the pineapple, VERY SWEET!! Im still drooling looking at these pics now...

                          The meat are all very tasty... especially the chicken. I duno how to describe the taste... its like the taste is just very nicely wrapped inside the chicken and the juice will just ooze out at the very bite. The fish is abit like tom yam taste which i didn't really fancy. I dun take mutton actually but i tried a piece. I shant comment since i dun like mutton but Jeffrey said its very nice. The rest of the meat were all nice but my favourite was the thin beef slice! It was simply WONDERFUL!!!

                          ahhh.. i wana go back!!!!

                          oh.. my friend also ordered one of their cocktail.. cant remember the name...

                          it does taste quite good.. got abit of mango and cant remember what fruit in it.

                          We had such a full dinner... the bill came up to only about $94. I had expected it to be much more expensive. If i recall correctly, the menu wrote that the buffet is $37+++, the salad buffet is $24+++.
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                            gwennie.. yeah.. it was hard to get friends to dine there as well coz was given the idea that its super expensive and most importantly its the venue, not very accessible. but i realised its actually not that expensive. Worth the price in my view. As for the venue.. it really is not very accessible.. better to go with a friend who drives.

                            Jess.. i didn't realise there are 2 types of pineapple... only tried the sweet one n it was realllly good!


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                              The food looks absolutely yummy and i'm starting to feel my stomach growl just by looking at it And wow! You even had pictures to accompany with your review How many servings did you have btw heehee

                              I think my 'challenge' to getting my friends there is that since they are generally not huge meat eaters, they may find it too much to pay for a single meal. Especially when they spend that much of money on one, they would expect to eat alot, right up to their money's worth, if you get what i mean.