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So, is it a date or a hangout?

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  • So, is it a date or a hangout?


    I knew a guy for half a year from school....We often sms each other but rarely meet due to different course schedules. Recently, he asked me out for a dinner and movie but in a very friendly "you wanna catch that movie? oh, we should have dinner first lol" The dinner was nice ; we talked about almost everything and we laughed a lot. But we split the bill after the meal...(not that I am so loooking for his money or anything, but I am wonder whether he considered it a date when we did that)....After the movie we continued talking a lot but he never mentioned about going out again or something...So is it merely platonic? ( I like him quite a lot).


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    Doesnt seem like a date to me. Could it be he asked you out as friends. Because if its a date surely he will pay for it. Well, maybe after a few times of going out together, very soon it will become a date. All the best to you. Hope things will work out really well for you.


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      It's more like a hangout to me.


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        Probably just a normal hangout... Unless he show hint to you that he's interested in you.
        From the post you posted, it doesn't seems so...


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          To what I read, probably it's a hangout with a friend. Unless he starts telling you that he wanna date you out, and he texts you everyday, chat with you everyday. Some guys are very sweet, they do that to the girl they like.


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            yeah probably just hanging out. actually what exactly do you think is a date? my ex used to think that going out with a guy means going on a date. cant we just hangout as normal friends -.-


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              date or hangout

              It's a date if you go to dinner or a movie its a hangout if your standing around just talking


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                For my case, he texts me everyday without fail, we went for dinner and movie. But he did not say that we are a couple, we did not hold hands. Till now we are still friends. I find it weird, all my friends told me if he doesn't like me, he wouldn't text me every single day. Sometimes I think guys are really very much more difficult to understand than girls.


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                  Originally posted by Lisa.Wu View Post
                  Sometimes I think guys are really very much more difficult to understand than girls.
                  No, it's not. It's difficult because you make it out to be.

                  If you didn't felt like it was a date, it was simply because he didn't made it to be a date as he didn't want it to be a date.

                  If you felt that it was too casual, it was simply because he wanted it to be casual and nothing more than that.

                  If you felt that it was a date, but 50% unsure, then it is still not a date because he didn't made it felt like it was a date.

                  Some of you are going to say "that's because he is shy, scared, unsure of what to do blah blah blah..." - Then it still isn't a date. If he wants it to be a date, he will do everything to make sure that you get it that it is a date. Any other analysis is just WAY TOO COMPLICATED to be second guessing however true or false it may be.

                  If you feel that you would have rather gone out on a date than a "hangout" with a particular guy, then decline all invitation that doesn't seemed like a date to you.

                  Unless of course you don't mind "hanging out", then by all means accept the "hangout" - just don't complain later that you weren't sure whether it was a date or a hangout.

                  Girls instinctively know whether it was a date or a hangout. We just do. Some of you would just rather second guess in order to get the answers that you would like to hear.


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                    Some guys don't pay for you because they're just hanging out rather than dating you. But I've also had guys asking me out, acting all nervous / laughing too much at nothing / trying too hard to impress, and then not buying me dinner. These are the cheapskates. In my opinion, paying for dinner is not a reliable indication whether a guy thinks he is dating you. It's all in the way he acts towards you- whether he's especially attentive, take pains to be gentlemanly (e.g. walks or drives you home), wants to know whether you're single and available, anxious how you respond to him etc.


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                      He may be attracted to you but he is not serious with you


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                        If you need to wonder if it is a date or hangout, then it is a hangout. I am someone who has very thin skin. If I have to give obvious hint or make the first move, I would rather go for some other guys that treat me better and like me more. I would go on and date other guys and tell him about my other dates. If no response, I would be sure he doesn't like me and I can move on. If there is a response, then good for you.


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                          If you all enjoy each other's company then you all should hang out with each other more often. Feels like platonic at this point though.