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Healing from Episiotomy

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  • Healing from Episiotomy

    Hi, i'm the new kid on the block.... had just delivered n just registered to this forum...

    Anyway, how long did u mummies take to recover from your vaginal wound?

    Is my sixth day now n the pain dont seems to be better.
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    Not a mum

    but i hope you will feel better soon.


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      I assume vaginal wound means episiotomy. I feel that mine heal like after 1 and half month later.

      Winne, its only your 6th day - definately you will still feel the pain/stitch etc. Had another friend who feel hers heal after 2 months.

      I did the pevic exercises to improve blood circulation and gynae mentioned not to sit for more than 2 hours at the same position - you should at least try walk around abit. HTH
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        Mine took about a month to heal.I washed with warm water, it helped a lot. If you can't seem to get over the pain , take pain killers.


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          i have an episiotomy too i think i recover in about 10 days. i was that kind that very scare of pain so i have being taking pain killer for the first 8 day ( strong dose cos really scare of pain ) by 9 day still can feel a bit at 10 day i think i am normal again
          Like what acidica has mention, my gynae also advice dont sit too much the wound will heal faster. Because when you sit you are adding pressure to the wound cos the wound is where the pressure will be when you sit so the lesser pressure you apply to the wound the faster you heal. Hope you will get over with it soon :wish:


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            Mine took about two weeks to heal. I took painkillers and bathed the area with warm water before applying the antiseptic swaps to prevent infection.


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              Re: Vaginal Wound

              Originally posted by Winnie
              Hi, i'm the new kid on the block.... hv *** delivered n just registered to *** forum...

              Anyway, how long did u mummies take to recover from your vaginal wound?

              Is my sixth day now n the pain dont seems to be beta.
              Hi Winnie

              Firstly, welcome to CozyCot! And congrats on your new baby! First born?

              I see you're new here. do pop over to CozyLounge and stick a post of your introduction yah?

              I had c-section, so I am not sure about healing time for vaginal wound. But from what I've heard, it's about 2 weeks. And like what others have said, avoid putting too much pressure on the wound.

              By the way, just a gentle reminder: Please refrain from using SMS short-forms, non-standard spelling, and Singlish expressions in your posts. The ***s appearing in your post are indicators that you might have used some of the above. CozyCot is a place where people from all over the world meet and share information. Typing out your words properly and writing in Standard English makes things easier to understand for everyone. This has been outlined in our Bulletin Forum Rules #5.

              Thank you for understanding! Hope you feel better soon!


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                Mine was ok....2nd day can walk around in the hospital, but still need to sit on the round "swimming float" kinda thing. 4th day completely off the float. But I wash the area everytime I go toilet and apply antiseptic lotion faithfully after every wash for a month. Maybe thats how it healed faster. But my gynae told me I have to walk and move around after birth so as the wound can sort of adjust itself to me and heal accordingly which I think its very true.


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                  I was ok after about 3-4 days, but subsequently there was this pain that wouldn't go away and was painful even when i walked. went to gynae for a check and she said it was due to the stitches, so she cut away the stitches and voila! the pain was gone she mentioned it was a very common thing and everytime she cut away the stitches, her patient can suddenly move around easily and even sit down firmly on a chair. to prove her point, she made me do that was a bit skeptical so i didn't sit down really hard but it turned out that she was right

                  they use soluble sutures but they don't disappear as quickly as the wound heals (which is supposed to be pretty fast) so even though the wound is ok already, the stitches may still be there causing discomfort.


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                    Mine didnt hurt after 4 days but it was grossly swollen & i could feel the stitches when i had to clean my wound . It only fully recovered after about 4 weeks.

                    But the first two weeks is very torturous, at least for me. I dreaded changing my sanitary pads, dreaded peeing, the worst is pooping. I was so afraid my wound wont heal well with all the movements.

                    I think all wounds have to be treated the same way, keep them clean at all times & use the disinfecting solution that is prescribed.