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    Hubby and I would like to visit Tasmania end of March 2005. Of course the easy way out would be to join Chan Bros' at around $2500 per person for 8 days. I'm wondering whether flying there ourselves and joining local tours there would be a better option. I'm just not too keen on going with a tour group here. Not too keen on self-drive either, cos if hubby drives, I'll prob die in a road accident there Looking forward to suggestions from those who've been there before

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    My mum and I loved Tassie when we went a couple of years ago. It's a gorgeous island, dramatically different from the mainland. Neither of us drive, so we joined a local tour. We walked till we nearly collapsed, but it was great. I love small independent tour companies like the one we went with - check it out:

    I might be going again in December, with family friends in Victoria - can't wait!


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      Thanks so much for the info and link


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        how's the weather if Australia during december?


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          tasmania help

          hi all, i'll be going to tasmania in mid may for about 6 days... should i drive? why i am hesitating:
          1: only 2 ppl sharing the car
          2: both below 25, so need to pay surcharge for rental
          3: never driven outside singapore before therefore dunno whether we can be used to long hours driving
          4: need to apply for the int'l driving licence?


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            any help? please!!


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              Think you do need to get the Int'l Driving License. It is fairly easy to get around in Tassie, but you can basically walk around in the city area too. I was in Hobart and drove to Port Arthur (few hours away). Very interesting place as it is an old convicts' place. They conducted ghost tours over there. It is really very calm and eeriely quiet at that place

              Rent a car only if you want to cover more places and feel that the local tours do not suit what you are looking for.


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                Actually there is a tour from underdownunder that interests me. However, i felt that there is more freedom if i choose to self drive, hence cinsidering that option. For a 5 day tour at AUD 600 (includes 4 N accommodation), is is worthwhile?


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                  Can't really advise as need to see the whole range of activities for the tour. But you can do your own math and see which is the better deal. Self drive definitely allows you more time on your own and to explore. But sometimes tour is pretty good too, esp if they bring you to places that is not really advertised on most guides.


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                    Planning for a trip to Australia next year June(winter time). Could any helpful cotters advise on whether visiting Tasmania will be good at that period or it will be better during the summer time? Was thinking of taking the 6 days tour package from underdownunder.

                    However, I do not have any idea how to get to their pickup point. If anyone has participated in their tours, hope you can provide me with a little more information....or anything that you think might be helpful!

                    I do need to plan the details properly as I'll probably be undertaking this trip alone since a friend of mine accompanying me to Perth has to leave earlier(max 2-3 weeks stay).. TIA! :D

                    (SUPER SIX-DAY TOUR

                    Like our Famous Five-Day Tour, but one day in the north East of Tassie better!

                    Highlights: Bay of Fires, Blue Tier, Cradle Mountain, Wineglass Bay, Lake St. Clair, Port Arthur, Russell Falls, Henty Dunes, Strahan, Hobart, Bicheno Scamander Wildlife Sanctuary... 5 Nights Accommodation.)

                    DEPARTURE TIMES
                    Launceston - 7:00am
                    Devonport - 9:00am
                    Hobart - 8:00am

                    FINISH TIMES
                    Launceston - 5:00-5:30pm
                    Devonport - approx. 6:00pm
                    Hobart - 5:00-5:30pm


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                      winter nights at tasmania can be pretty cold, and shops typically close at 5pm or earlier, so there's nothing much to do after that.

                      IMO, you can visit the attractions yourself you can rent a car and visit the sights, the singapore license qualifies as an international license :D


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                        Has any cotters been to Tasmania?

                        I recently returned from a trip from Tasmania with funtassie travels. The travel itinery was absymal! basically we went to see MANY waterfalls because seeing waterfalls does not need any $

                        Worst fears come true man...The entire tour agency is a one man show! From admin to driver to website update. So you can imagine the service is not wholistic at all.And breakfast consist of packet conflakes cereal(those fun packs that you get at NTUC), milk packets, a loaf of bread.

                        And on the website it says CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST.

                        MY FOOT!

                        I just did not enjoy myself. The tour leader was sarcastic. When my friend told him that she had just went to the toilet to barf because of the bumpy ride, he told her.."i see you smiling..are you really sick." OMG. And when we were not happy that he brought us to a dinghy place when we asked for some shopping, his retort was that.."what do you want me to do? tickle your underarms to make you laugh?"

                        I mean to me its outrageously bad service. He will be going to the NATAS fair coming this feb/march and really dont hope for anyone to go to that tour service and not enjoy themselves. Fair enough, we are cheapskaters who want to aim to stretch our dollar...thus decided to go for the budget tour since his rates are the lowest. its not the accomodation thats bad. its actually ok. But he is super kiam siap and even ration our breakfast and lunch to bread.

                        Tell me after eating bread for 5 days, either that or fish and chips...and having lousy service.

                        I really learnt my lesson. Pay more for better service. Better tours, and you feel happier. Can you imagine, fellow singaporeans who want to go Tassie will go with him and them get bad service. sheesh man!

                        Lesson learnt: There is no elastic budget. Stretch too much...darn! it will just snap.

                        Ours just did, and i hope yours will not.

                        Sorry for sounding ballistic. I just need to steam off.

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                          can anyonoe advise which car rental company has better deals? ***** worth driving fr melbourne to launceston? just worried that the sea might b rough...


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                            I've booked with Hertz when i went to Tas. Although more expensive than others, but Hertz has newer cars. The sea was quite choppy on the way from Tas to Mel. When i reach Melbourne the next day, me and my boyfrend felt like we were floating the whole day.

                            It's best that you return your car at the ferry terminal at Melbourne and pick up another car at Devonport. This way is cheaper. The only way to get between these two cities is either domestic or ferry.


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                              ok, then i think i'd better choose domestic...

                              anyone has sample itinerary to share? roughly how many days wld be sufficient to tour the whole of tasmania? tia!