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    Tasmasnia is beautiful

    We took domestic from Melbourne to Hobart, then self drive to Launceston. The fish & chips at Hobart is very nice! The place is called Mures. The other nice one is Fish Frenzy. Other attractions we went: Mt Wellington, Salamanca Weekend market and AlpenRail Model exhibition. Very interesting! We missed the Cadbury chocolate factory as they close on weekends

    On the drive out, we visited 1)Port Arthur, 2)oldest bridge @ Richmond, 3)seen the Tasmanian Devil at the conservation park, & 4)Wineglass Bay @ Freysinet National Park! The wineglass bay is spectacular! We need to trek 3km through the Freysinet National Park to get to it (yes...and 3km back) . Totally worth it.


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      fates - did you also go for the river cruise at Strahan? It's one of the World Heritage areas. What about Cable Mountain? I remember going for a 2hour hike there and it was an amazing experience. Tasmania is truly beautiful for those who appreciate scenery and fresh air. It also has one of the cleanest and purest tap water I recall as compared to the rest of Australia.


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        ksychan: do you mean Cradle Mountain?

        I'll be going to tasmania soon for 10 days! our brief itinerary:

        Melbourne -> Hobart (Domestic Flight)

        1. Hobart -> Huon
        2. Huon -> Hobart
        3. Hobart -> Port Arthur
        4. Port Arthur-> Freycinet
        5. Freycinet -> Launceston
        6. Launceston -> Cradle Mountain
        7. Cradle Mountain -> Hobart - Over!


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          girlintown - yes, I meant Cradle Mountain. A trek there is a must. If you can stay there, even better :-)


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            I just got back from tas too. Explored e north east, very beautiful place! You see more sheeps and cows than ppl. Folks there are very friendly as well, esp useful since I was backpacking.
            And yes, do stay at cradle mountain or do one of the walks. I only managed to stay a night at cradle chateur and only a few walks. Scenic. would have stayed a couple more days if I could.


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              Another memorable tour there was the Port Arthur night tour of the prison. It was really cool.


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                ksychan: im looking forward to cradle mountain!! i will be staying there for 2 nights.. and i'm definitely going to do the 2hr trek around dove lake. super excited!! =) i think there is some night tour where they take you to see the animals too. its about aud30 for 1 or 1.5 hours.

                i actually wanted to do the ghost tour at port arthur, but my cousin heard stories about how the tourists felt/heard/saw ghostly stuff and so i dont think we are going to be brave enough for that! just thinking about it sends chills up my spine.

                cotter: how's the weather in tasmania?
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                  Weather was cold two weeks ago. I travelled e north east coastal so it was cold and windy. Its even colder at cradle as u will be up e mountain, approx ten degrees then. Do prepare warm clothing at cradle esp if you are going for e night walks. E night I had e walk it was only four. Enjoy your stay there!


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                    girlintown - Yes, the Dove Lake trek was really awesome :-) I didn't stay overnight but the highlight is the night feeding of nocturnal wild animals (possums etc) so enjoy that! I think the Port Arthur tour has been misconstrued. Yes, it's scary cos it's at night but the tour is a lot more educational, historical and thus unconventional.


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                      Cradle mountain is really beautiful esp in winter


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                        Hello friends,

                        Can you discuss here what are the best places in Queensland (Australia) to visit? I am planning a trip with my family next year. So, I want to know the best places for visit.

                        Tamborine Mountain


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                          Will any kind cotters spare me more info on Hobart?
                          I will be there for 10 days. Is there any place which is a must go?

                          I draft out on which place to go for my trip.
                          The wineglass bay
                          Salamanca Market
                          Mount Wellington ( operates in winter?)
                          State Cinema
                          Tasman Bridge
                          Myrtle Forest

                          Any nice restaurants, supermarket around?
                          What to buy there in Aussie?