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    my boss employed a new staff , the gal went to work at the branch she will be stationed in on the first day of work. On the second day, she was sent to my branch for training, everything seems fine, she wasn't extremely chatty, which is expected of a new colleague. Today, we waited for her to come, at 12noon she did not turn up, ok, we thought maybe she starts at 1pm, at 1.10pm she is still not in sight, upon checking the work schedule, we realised she was suppose to report work at 12noon!
    Yes, we never hear from her at all.... my boss did not call her.

    question, if you not like the job or feel that the job is not your cup of tea, do you just MIA or will you call the company and inform them?

    i thought it is plain rude to MIA like that.

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    i would at least give them a call to inform them. Yep, i think it's pretty unprofessional to simply "disappear" without a word.

    Maybe she find the job not suitable for her (be it the environment or the job itself) or maybe she has a better offer or maybe she's one of the 8 recipients of the S$10.05 million toto prize.


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      Vel, it is possible that she might have won toto. one of the winner bought it just below my work place.

      oh well, before my boss confirmed her, she did repeatedly tell her that she wants someone who can stay on, of course the gal agreed, but alas, she did not fulfilled her promise.

      i remembered once, a gal just aviod our call and eventually off the phone when she did not turn up for work the next day.


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        in any case, i doubt it's any difficult finding a replacement. It's a employer's world out there.


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          I do agree with you. I encounter ed something like this in my previous company. The new girl (receptionist cum admin) just came for 1/2 day and disappear after lunch. All of us wondered where she was? That, was the last i seen of her.

          Such things are not uncommon. In my current company, the first pay cheque is issued by cheque rather than Giro on 1st day of next month. Reason being, company pay day is 25th of the month and previous new staff have disappeared after getting that.

          People do it to avoid serving the 1 month notice or whatever. Unless the workplace is very unbearable, i would never do something like this!


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            Are the girls mentioned very young?

            I think such irresponsible acts seems more like the doing of young girls.

            No offence to anyone k?


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              i think she is 25. i actually have a hunch that she won't stay long and true enough, my boss was quite cool about it, im puzzled. Maybe she expected it too? the thing is, there's nothing much we can do to these people when they simply MIA after 1 or 2 days. infact, i fine if they don't want the job after trying a day or two but what's pissing me off is that they simply MIA without a word.


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                I would at least call up the boss or speak to someone who can help me about it. I always think that to MIA like that doesn't reflect well on yourself. And you'll never know who knows who in the industry.


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                  this is really old story. I've heard of such thing happening. well, i'll call up at least. but i dun think the company will bother if she suddenly disappear after 1 or 2 days since she soesn't need to serve notice.

                  MIA after 1 or 2 months will be news man because by contract have to serve notice.


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                    Well, i did that while i was on a short waitressing stint. Because we were expected undo the first 3 buttons of our work shirt to attract male customers. How demeaning can that get? I really didnt give a shi.t then.


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                      that's nasty, elaine. especially so if they did not even mentioned anything about it when u went for interview. As if every gal is more than willing to expose themselves.


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                        It is actually a decent italian restaurant. The request only came on my first day of work from the branch manager who's a total sleaze! I don't even have any to show :roll: i wonder why they hire me in the first place.

                        Anyway, back to the MIA topic!


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                          such actions are . i think it doesn't reflect well on yourself and your character. if the person think that the place is not suitable for her, she shouldn't have agreed to work there. and if she wants to back out, she should at least called the company and inform you all.

                          elainetsai: that's like . how can they have such requirements? oops, a bit off topic here.


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                            it's really irresponsible to just MIA just like that....

                            It doesnt matter if she cant keep to her promise of staying on for a long time at least inform the person in charge so that she doesnt have to keep waiting and look for a replacement straight away...

                            If she is really 25 as you've mentioned, I think she really needs to learn to grow up and be responsible...

                            Hmmm back to your branch manager.... Maybe he did/said something sleazy to that new colleague of yours? and it totally put her off? Or she doesnt want to compromise by unbuttoning? :huh:


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                              I think that she should at least give a call to your company to say that she's not interested to come back... for whatever reason that she has...:eh:

                              just MIA-ing is irresponsible., and it reflects badly on herself.