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    actually i dont really like the way nnadia speaks mandarin
    and christopher's faking of that angmoh accented mandarin is so FAKE, its funny!


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      so happy to find this thread here... I also look forward to watch this show every night. esp like rui-en and naddia's style & rui-en is so bubbly in that show.

      Frankly, chris's english is kind of weird, not natural enough...


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        I Nnadia and Rui-en dressing style in the show! Very without being OTT in my opinion!

        By the way, any idea which company sponsored Rui-en accessories? I noticed she has gorgeous ones! Especially the diamond pendants!

        When the show was being filmed, i did read alittle on the papers on Nnadia's character. The article says that since her character is supposed to be a creative one (being a creative director), they did not want her to wear standard workwear from any 1 brand. So the stylists and Nnadia herself went shopping and did lotsa mix and match! Viola! Lovely results isn't it?

        She did mentioned they scouted for clothes in FEP and hey.. i recognise her pair of shoes (the low heels, black point one with a ribbon at the side! - Its' from Jwest)


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          I like Chris Lee inside the show. He was so CUTE! Haha! The "kong rong rang li".. :Doh:

          Not forgetting Rui En. She was very pretty inside the show. But i don't quite like her character inside the show.


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            I like the show, because of the dressing, because of the laughs.

            I like Nnadia's dressing a lot. Can't believe they all come from FEP. And of course, I like Nnadia a lot, but why does her name comes with two Ns?!

            It's been a long time since I choose Channel 8 over Channel 55. That says quite a lot of the show.


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              kare2711, ^5 man! haha ch55 has repeats so its not so bad

              i read a long time ago that her name has 2 Ns because it stands for 'never give up nadia'


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                This show is really interesting! I think its Chris and that karen mok ( did i get her name right? ) who makes the show entertaining and fun to watch!

                I definitely have to agree that Rui-en and Nnadia's dress styles are really nice and they have got nice accessories to go along too.
                I like Nnadia's makeup as well. Really fresh and makes her really pretty. Not to mention that its odd if this show were to be real , how can people wake up every morning and look so good on the breakfast table? OKay that was just a thought

                I never thought Jacelyn Tay would look like such a plain Jane with booky glasses and a funny lip colour and a tan!


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                  Nadia did the role very cute-ly without being overly act-cute to the extent that is simply overwhelming!

                  Think Rui en corrected her teeth already, lshe ooks much better now...


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                    Originally posted by stilafaux
                    This show is really interesting! I think its Chris and that karen mok ( did i get her name right? )
                    It's Patricia Mok. Karen Mok is Mo Wen Wei. The Hong Kong actor.


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                      It seems like Patricia Mok is always getting such roles. Funny, loud girlfriends of the leading actresses.


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                        Yesterday Pat Mok was so funny!!! Especially the part about her Bra!


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                          Originally posted by daphnee
                          It's Patricia Mok. Karen Mok is Mo Wen Wei. The Hong Kong actor.
                          I really lost touch with the Chinese scene already! Never really listen to chinese music :Doh:

                          Thanks for the correction!


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                            pretty amazed with Rui-en's figure..she can grow thin n fat quite easily... she is so chubby in A-char.. and she is so slim in this show..

                            the front door, back door joke is hilarious...

                            Nnadia's clothes is very nice, fits her advertising firm character.. Patricia mok's also not bad...

                            i like to see Jacelyn tay shake her legs... so funny..


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                              Yes, Jacelyn Tay and her legs. Man, that was really funny. Does anyone else think she looks a little like Chen Hanwei in that show?

                              Saw the ad recently for the Glamourette thingy that she's conducting, and wow, the difference. Makeup really does up a girl.


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                                Kare, i was just telling my mum last night that Jaclyn looks like Chen Han wei!