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  • playmats

    Hi mommies,

    I'm looking for a playmat for my little one so that she can crawl around it in her nursery. I've seen some really nice ones online, but not available in Singapore.

    I recently saw this LG (yes the korean company) made playmat at Mothers work. But I'm quite reluctant to buy it from there as I find their stuff quite overpriced.

    Anyone knows where else do they sell it and what is the price? It is made of some funky foam material and is about 1m x 2m in size (I think)

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    Hi crystal!

    Do you mean something like this ?


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      I bought a sofabed for my girl to rumble and tumble on. This sofabed has no legs, so when opened up its just a mattress that lays on the floor. The size is only slightly smaller than queensize, from SeaHorse brand and costs only $138+ including delivery charges!


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        check out baby hypermart. I think I saw something like it. It is foamy but yet in a huge piece. And yet can be folded into a bag. I am also thinking of buying it but it costs over a $100.


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          no, it's not the puzzle mat, but a large special foam mat. but thanks for posting the link

          mango, how high is the mattress off the floor? i'm super paranoid about her bumping her head if she rolls off, she is already starting to knock her head when she crawls off the play mattress and roll on the floor, and sometimesshe bumps her head and cries... but i guess they will have to bump their head once in a while

          taya_my, thanks! i will check it out


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              Crystal, the sofabed when opened up is like the thickness of a regular mattress, if she crawl out of it, I'm quite sure she'll bump her head a little. But then, it impossible (and unhealthy) to protect her so that she never has any accidents, so I'm not overly concerned.


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                yup, that's true. even rolling on the floor will bump her head... but mine is a really hyperactive kid, she will roll off anything at supersonic speed


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                  found this online. it's completely out of reach but it is sooooo nice


                  there are more on the site, all the stuff in this website are really cool but oh so ex!


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                    Originally posted by taya_my
                    check out baby hypermart. I think I saw something like it. It is foamy but yet in a huge piece. And yet can be folded into a bag. I am also thinking of buying it but it costs over a $100.
                    yep, i bought this for my daughter, no regrets. its of very good quality, just that its expensive at $139. its not high at all (less than 1cm thick) so you won't have to worry about your baby rolling off and hitting his/her head. but it feels soft and cushions my daughter's crashes and falls very well. my daughter used to take her afternoon naps on this from 4 - 8 mths old.


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                      Hi Moo - the playmat you mentioned sounds good.

                      How big is it and how you clean it? Any idea how long can you use it?


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                        hi acidia, the playmat is the same length as our 3 seater sofa and about the breadth of a one-seater, its one big piece.....sorry don't have exact dimensions. my maid cleans it 1st round with a wet cloth, 2nd with a soapy cloth and then final round with a wet cloth ensuring that all the soap is removed.

                        you can really use it on and on cos when the child is older, he/she can just lie on it and lounge.


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                          i bought it at last! it's really cool cuz the material is nice and bouncy and easy to clean. much more comfy than the puzzle mats.

                          i found a link online. this is the one i got.

                          although it is quite pricey, even my hubby who thought it was an impulse buy, think it's worth it because now we can all lie down and play with baby. i even took an afternoon nap on it today


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                            bingo crystal, that's the one i'm referring to, glad you're liking it as much as i am.


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                              Bumping up this thread.

                              Now that bb has started flipping, i'm looking for foam mat, something like the alphabet ones but i find them too small. I've seen people with plain larger pieces, any idea where i can get them?