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Homecooked Porridge - Fuss-free side dishes

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  • Homecooked Porridge - Fuss-free side dishes

    I cooked white porridge on Sun for lunch often.

    Anyone has fuss-free dishes to share? Canned food also welcome.
    Last edited by vernis; 20-02-2005, 03:48 PM.

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    throw whatever stuff into the porridge.. my mum use to do that..

    squid, cuttlefish, prawn, veggie, fish.. and preserve egg salted/dark as side..


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      no dumping here, fine S$500!

      i mean white porridge with side dishes.


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        i always like my porridge with the AAA cai xin (salted cai xin can) and with ba hu (pork floss) or even with you tiao.....

        Yum Yum Yum....


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          haha i agree on the canned cai xin and pork floss! they're like the most down-to-earth dishes with plain porridge.

          vernis, my family often uses canned food to go with porridge. like luncheon meat, spiced pork cubes and heinz baked beans.

          other simple dishes are 'cai por' egg, fried fish fillet and dou miao (my fave!).


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            haha.. but it's really hass-free and nice! alright. for me as long as there's one dish of my fave, i can finish my bowl of porridge.. when i'm sick, i like to mix it with 'mar-mite'?

            i love canned preserved veggies too.. luncheon meat as well.. but kind of oily to be prepared.

            maybe straw-mushroom stir-fry dark sauce with pork stripes? my fave!
            steam-egg or egg omelette w/ pork mince and bits of water chestnut..


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              an image of home cooked porridge.

              maybe can add dry scallops (small type) to increase the sweetness of the porridge? yum yum.


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                I love plain porridge with canned boiled peanuts, salted egg, pork floss and canned salted cai xin. Yum!



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                  vernis, you mean like teochew porridge right?

                  If I'm not wrong, the supermarket sells canned braised peanuts, you could try that. Salted eggs or century eggs go well too.


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                    I always have plain porridge at least once a week... Hb and my boy love it!

                    I usually have them with

                    : olive vegetable (Oh lam) in jar
                    : pickled lettuce (yummy) in jar
                    : bean curd with sesame oil and chili (in jar too)
                    : fried gluten with braised peanuts in soy sauce (canned food)
                    : fried egg, omelette style
                    : fried luncheon meat



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                      i love the pickled veg and beancurd in oil (fu lu right?) yummy!
                      Usually I can just eat this with porridge only

                      Canned food that are yummy for porridge includes sardines or black dace fish (i eat this with instant noodles too!)

                      Think I will eat this tonight


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                        Originally posted by tryne
                        maybe can add dry scallops (small type) to increase the sweetness of the porridge? yum yum.
                        Bigger scallops give better sweetness! I like that too!

                        Cherie, your list is very similar to mine! But I dont take it often, preserved food not too good to eat on a regular basis (once a week is ok) though the elders love it.


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                          gink, yup cherie's list is indeed yummy!!! Make me feel like eating that NOW!


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                            one more canned food - Vegetarian Abalone (Zhai Baoyu) nice nice too!


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                              Thanks all for your recommendation.

                              I have been feeding my DHcanned peanuts, canned eels, canned fish with black beans, AAA bottled chyesim that i am feeling the guilt as we bought in bulk thus the endless supply. what a horrible wife i have been.

                              at times, salted-eggs don't turn out nice, giving off some unpleasant smell, yolk in yucky state. Spoilt in this case??

                              at times, i steam egg with minced pork or braised eggs, pork, mushroom, taupok, chestnut.

                              i love vegetarian canned stuff after draining off their oil but my DH doesn't like.

                              When I pop by Daiso next week, think i better stock up their eel. Not too bad for $2. think of it, cooking porridge is cheap, side dishes are not. For 2 pax can sums up to at least 6 - 8 bucks, no economy of scale. Next time i cook, nearby cotters please come up & join in.