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    Hi any idea how much it will roughly costs to do floor tiling for a 3-toom or 4-room flat?

    What are the different kinds of floor tiles? (range from cheapest to most expensive)

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    Maybe you can advise whether hacking required or doing overlay?


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      Auntie vernis! haha you are always in to help! haha....can enlighten me what is overlay and hacking? i don't know anything about this...

      What is the price range? does it vary alot?


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        Hacking means removing the existing tiles in the rooms so as to make way for new ones.

        Overlay means laying a new layer of flooring to the existing tiles.

        Which kind if floor tiles are you looking at? Marbles would be 'cooling' (liang) if you dislike staying in a warm unit.


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          marbles are expensive right? i also don't know what i'm looking at...trying to source some info..i have no idea about anything at all at this moment...

          Mine does not require any hacking cos there's no tiles at all! it's the oldold kind of erm carpets?

          i just need a rough rough price guide...

          does it range from a few thousands? or tens of thousands?


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            U should thank Dolphin, she provided a good explanation.

            did you approach any contractors for quote? after CNY, keep them busy. If your place is not too new, lesser worry as HDB has some regulation on tile replacement issue. Hacking is not cheap. & also your house theme, any kids around, at times use of tiles or laminates need to consider such concerns?

            mine is oak & teak wood throughout, i very worry when i need to replace them in near future.

            Sorry, i am of not much help here. Just hope you can list more of your concerns, requirement, etc so others can help.

            someone!! someone!! please help to give a rough guide here.


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              yup thanks dolphin and vernis!!

              I'm am so sorry. thinking of doing my "homework aka research" here before heading to the contractor. haha...scared the amount is too huge for me to handle...later i malu*

              malu = embarassed


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                OT: vernis, don't mind me calling you Auntie Vernis h.or? sounds more qin qie*

                qin qie = heartwarming in chinese


                my house has no kids no elderly...what are the different types of tiles available?

                I was thinking since there are so many people here moving into new houses, i thought i can gather more info here. but i forgot now NEW houses already has tiles!


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                  can, can, call me AH SOH also can, i don't mind.

                  nowadays tiles come in so many variety that at times, i see their display samples, i almost roll & laugh.

                  like 'rattan', 'woven', 'angkong' ones.

                  each trip to each contractor can learn something new, hope you have fruitful trips hunting.


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                    saw a thread you posted your pics! are not old ..neither are you old in the heart! you are as young as us! just feel like teasing you to call you auntie because u seems to answer most of my queries auntie give advice...opps this is OOT..haha

                    i still "do not dare" to approach the contractors yet..until i've set my mind and i'm sure i can they accept instalment plans? HAHA


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                      We paid around $10K for 1st round using Bainco Carrara marble flooring for the living room only as all the other bedrooms had parquet installed by HDB (we bought a premium flat). It turns yellowish at some places even though we have not move in yet even though we still stay over for the weekends. The contractor (my SO's cousin) hired a marble flooring professionals to inspect and they said it due to lack of air ventilation (we did open the top flap of the windows for air circulation). The professional even did a test to remove the yellow patches. Still the yellowish patches are prominent. We were frsutrated. In the end, we paid another $6K for materials (using Serpegainte range of marble), re-laying, hacking, polishing and etc. This time we bypassed the contractor and went straight to the TSM (see website below) to choose type of color we wanted for our marbles in the living room. Having learnt the lesson and enquire feedback from the lady who served us at TSM, we settled with brown range of marble tiles. As you can also see that Raffles Hotel is using Bainco Carrara marbles at the lobby; those also turn yellowish too at certain, if not most of their places. My SO also contacted a person to in-charge of the polishing, layering, hacking, etc.

                      Right now, we're very pleased with the flooring.


                      Bianco Carrara marble

                      Serpegainte classico marble


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                        For my house, it's a standard type, HDB flat 4 room, the tiles are only layed for kitchen and bathroom. The rest would have to get on our own. Unless yours is premium flat, then the tiles would come with it.

                        I only know there are ceramics, homogenous and marble tiles.
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                          whats parquet?

                          Thanks alot dolphin!! wow 10k that's alot for just the living room only!!!

                          Other than marbles, what other tilings are the most common and nice?


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                            Originally posted by cUppucino
                            marbles are expensive right?
                            For your case, if you are hardworking and do more research homework, I'm sure it would save you some money.

                            If you ever decide to use marble flooring,
                            If you want to save more, try doing it on your own. I know it would be very troublsome because you need to look around for a person in-charge to do the flooring and a supplier (I used the above supplier in my previous post).

                            To engage a contractor who is doing everything including layering, polishing, helping you to buy the flooring, etc, that would cost you between $9K - $10K for your type of flat.
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                              Check out these websites...

                              Type of flooring:

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