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Jay Chou - Patty Hou Romance

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  • Jay Chou - Patty Hou Romance

    A little slow about the news, I only heard about the Jay Chou & Patty Hou romance this morning on the radio.

    Source: HK Apple Daily & Sudden Weekly
    Taken from

    The camera illustrated how Jay and Patty hugged while walking on the streets in Tokyo, cheek to cheek, palm to palm, seeking warmth from love.

    02.18.2005 Apple Daily

    Jay's left hand 'hugged' Patty, while his right hand held her hand, the beauty and the talented put many to envy. [Sudden Weekly]

    Jay put his left arm around Patty while shopping, making it obvious that they are a couple.

    Both of them were inseparable even while selecting clothes at a fashion boutique.

    Don't read if you are a fan of Jay Chou or Patty Hou, or you'll get heart broken. Ever since news had broken out during the Lunar New Year that Jay and Patty traveled Tokyo together, the 'Chou-Hou' romance has been the hottest topic since. No matter how they came up with excuses like coincidence, "Didn't even have a cup of coffee", however, Hong Kong's Sudden Weekly captured images of the couple openly hugging and behaving intimately, sometimes cheek to cheek, sometimes holding hands, only 'madly in love' can describe their love.

    Reporters from Hong Kong's Sudden Weekly captured pictures of Jay Chou and Patty Hou, Chou's younger male cousin and 3 friends on the streets of Tokyo's 'Dai Gong Shan' on 11th February, which is the 3rd day of the Lunar New Year. Jay had put on his sunglasses and cap, on top of a black-checkered coat and jeans, perhaps for fear of exposing the new romance with Patty. However, he's still eye catching as Patty was beside him, wearing also a black coat, jeans, with a brown scarf on her neck.

    During the 2-hour shopping trip, Jay put his left arm around Patty, holding her tightly, with their cheeks sometimes touching each other, and their hands intersecting. Jay held Patty's hand gently, and even lightly hugged her slim waist, while Patty, who's older than Jay by 29 days, was demure, laughing softly but excitedly when seeing items that caught her eyes.

    Jay's cousin and friends were very careful, while Jay and Patty were immersed in their romance, whistling warnings to the couple in the shops immediately whenever Taiwanese tourists passed by. In the beginning, Jay exclaimed that he and Patty were just "purely friends shopping, no big deal", however, their date has been exposed now. Jay's music is nice, but you can't really believe what he says.
    Picture of Patty Hou

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    i think there's nothing wrong both of them being together. So long as Jay really loves her. And he also admitted already


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      patty's mother is against the relationship because they are from well-to do family and i guess her mum wanted her to have some professional as bfs


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        another publicity gimmick to gain popularity? maybe news would report jay with another pretty lady tomorrow? okie, not so fast. maybe next sat?


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          I'm hoping for the day the paparazzis will spot Jay with me!


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            stressed, I think all of Jay's fans have the same dream as well.


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              hmm...somehow I feel they will not last give them 6 months.


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                who is this patty hou anyway?
                some celebrity?


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                  Patty Hou's a newscaster in Taiwan. She's tagged as Taiwan's most beautiful newscaster.


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                    i see.
                    well, still considered celebrity haha.


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                      Originally posted by cc_lia
                      hmm...somehow I feel they will not last give them 6 months.
                      That's how I feel also. Wondering if she's together with him because he's famous and thus help to boost her career.


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                        he look like a kid next to her. i feel that he is more matching in terms of looks and styling with jolin.

                        I also feel that they won't last long, given all the hype, too pressurising


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                          Ha, in that case he can't last long with anyone. He's just too famous, wherever he goes, all focus is on him.


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                            xiaozhu no choice, that's what they have to give up for their career. Just think, they can't go raiding all the sales and eating at roadside stalls without people looking at them all the time.


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                              Sometimes you can't help but pity celebs. So hard to live a normal life without curious eyes on you.