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    Is anybody studying at Singapore Institute of Commerce (SIC) for degrees?

    I am currently shopping around for a school. Would love to hear any feedback about this school, pro or con.

    I can't find any info on their lecturers either. Any comments?

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    I was actually looking into Business Degree from SIC, until my friend told me she read a news article, regarding that SIC holding the students degree even after they have paid the fees. Not sure when was that.
    Anyway, I decided to look up at Hartford school instead


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      I been to this school before, on word to describe only "SUCKS" :puke:


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        SIC belongs to the Stansfield group. I work in the private education industry, and have yet to hear anything positive about Stansfield, unfortunately. What I've heard, instead, is a lot of staff dissatisfaction, mass resignation, even. Make of that what you will!


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          What do you all think of Hartford then?

          Thinking of doing my part-time marketing degree there but unsure whether it is recognised, partly because i seldom heard about it. ..

          Any advices?

          INfo of the school can be found here


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            I haven't heard anything bad about Hartford itself, but which programme are you considering? You'll need to read up on the partner university.


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              I simply have no idea about this!!! I heard about a school holding back the degrees a few months back as they demand an admin fee for it and the students insisted that a clause for it was not included when they sign up.

              Heh, lucky I checked with you ladies

              My friend was pushing me to take up the degree offered by SIC as it's accredited by LSE and the location is convenient too.

              Well... gotta check out other schools now... :roll:

              Thanks for all yr feedback


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                luckily i stumbled onto this thread too. i was tempted to do their diploma then proceed on to the LSE degree.. but now i think i should stick to my initial plan of going to poly...


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                  i was graduate from there... doing my degree in business studies (CSU)
                  their lecturer keep changing and changing but i cant change school as i am malaysian so quite troublesome for me to change my student pass so i decided to stay on.
                  But still finally i manage to graduate finally.....


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                    did you manage to find a job easily? is the degree recognised here?


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                      cutetie, which universiry degree you are choosing?


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                        Why don't you try MDIS?Much more recognised than SIC and Hartford definitely


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                          Singapore Institute of Commerce

                          hi cotters,
                          any reviews of this college? pls share v me TIA


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                            seems like no one graduated from there....


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                              I just finish my degree course there. The degree is cheaper than other schools but the lecturers are all from India and throughout my 1yr course, 5 lecturers resigned. All of them are my course lecturers, thus the course was interrupted and new lecturers are not sure of the UK university's requirements.

                              The admin staff there, including the course consultants also quit one by one. Their reply and response to me and my classmates are always the same, we will check but they never get back to us. We have to call UK ourselves to solve our problems, like access to the blackboard (online learning website) and when we can get our results, etc.

                              All my classmates say they took the course because its cheap and shorter than other schools, so its like 'you pay peanuts and you get monkeys'.