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    Hi its me again. Can't find a thread on the above,so starting a new one :oops
    As per my gynae, I need to do a blood test during my 4th month and 5th month need to do a detail ultrasound scan in the hospital.
    May I know is that the same procedures all mummies went thru?

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    Not sure if I answer your questions - I did my blood test (triple test) and a detailed scan during my 20th week. Accordingly to gynae detail scan is conducted on 20th week onwards and I have to say it is really good. Why? cos I get to see every parts of my baby (head, heart, legs, hands etc) in details and gynae will tell you the growth development and abnormality of baby. Most of all, you have a peace of mind knowing your baby is doing fine in your tummy!


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      I did my blood test near 4th mth, to screen for Downs Syndrome and also for Spina Bifida. This is a screening tests and looks at the level of 3 hormones in the mothers blood. This result is combined with maternal age and gestational age and the result gives a risk assessment.


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        yup, snow_white i think this is pretty much the standard tests nowadays,

        16th week - triple test. If results come out abnormal, means must do further test. If normal, does not mean anything (as in not guarantee nothing wrong), just means no conclusion... i remember because i was abit confused with that

        20th week - detailed scan. some people like to go for 3D scan for this because the machines are more powerful and can pick up more things (I think). And you can get a 3d pic of your baby!
        unfortunately my gynae didn't have 3d machine.
        in fact, i heard some gynaes will even refer to another gynae to do second detailed scan, just to be sure...


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          After reading info on Spina Bifida, I got a bit worried. I dun know why also. :roll:

          So the blood test must do 3 times?? What's the cost? Mine should be around $80 and the detailed scanning will be $100. Gynae said the scanning will be done at TMC.


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            no, the blood test only once. it's called triple test because it looks for three substances.


            don't really need to be worried. My friend's triple test had some abnormal values but in the end her baby came out fine. now almost 5 months already

            sometimes it could be due to incorrect dating of the baby, that's why the values may appear abnormal.


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              I had an OSCAR done at 12 weeks - that includes a blood test and a nuchal translucency test which together give an estimate on the risk of Down's. 16 week was just a standard checkup with ultrasound, and I'm scheduled for my detailed scan is at my next (20th week) appointment.


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                My gynae asked if I want to do a First Trimester Test. This is on top of the normal blood test to check the NT (ultrasound), PAPP-A and B-HCG (blood tests) to screen for Down's syndrome.