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    Hi All,

    Anyone knows where I can get cheap airtickets, mainly on tickets only. Me and my gf plan to go Hangzhou to visit a friend and looking for cheap cheap tickets.

    If anyone knows which travel agency have cheaper airticket, can kindly let me know, best is with contacts nos or email so that we can liasie with them.

    Thank you

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    look at the Chinese morning newspaper.... they always got some ad on cheap tix to china


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      I usually look under the classified ads for some contacts. Call them up personally if you want a quick response as they're quite slow in responding to email.


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        Misa Travels.


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          okie, thanks guys....


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            Hey girls, am looking for cheapest airfare to Brisbane in July. So far i got Qantas $766 direct flight incl. of airport taxes, quite reasonable i think. But any good agencies where they sell cheap air ti ckets too?


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              I think the easiest way is to call up a few agencies to ask for quotes as sometimes certain agencies are able to get better fares for some destinations (seasonal as well).

              Pauline, that IS a pretty good deal if it includes taxes as taxes are usually about $190-$210 for Australia destinations!


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                Thanks Ginger! Yup Qantas is having some airfare promo now you see, the air ticket is only $540 (even cheaper if you can travel now!) and the tax is $228, the only downside i guess


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                  Qa has extended their offer till 24th April 5pm
                  Perth from $270
                  Brisbane from $470
                  Cairns from $470
                  Darwin from $470
                  Adelaide from $470
                  Melbourne from $470
                  Sydney from $470
                  Hobart from $570
                  Launceston from $570
                  Gold Coast from $570
                  Auckland from $670
                  Christchurch from $670
                  Wellington from $670
                  New Caledonia (Noumea) from $670

                  To book visit


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                    My colleague just booked tix with Tiger Airways Promo this morning at $9.98 to Macau and will travel by train to Shanghai.

                    Why don't you check online?

                    You can fly to Shanghai or Nanjing and take a train to Hangzhou

                    Hope this helps.


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                      Any idea how much is the train tix from Macau to Shanghai?


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                        Another friend of her's is in charge of booking the train tix. She's got no idea