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    Thank you so much for the tips Stila! I'm a TFS virgin. I'm so excited about the peel off mask. Haven't used them before. I have some questions about them which I'll post on the TFS thread.

    I feel bad making my dear SV wait for her present! I'm taking tomorrow off school so hopefully I can complete the present and send it down. I hope she'll be home


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      Everything's alright already! =)
      Last edited by fusionx; 06-03-2005, 02:29 AM.


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        Hey Fusionx!!

        so sorry to learn of yr situation. Don't !!

        will get u a small gift the next time we meet up at ECP ok? too rush to get by this Sat ah.

        Hope u are feeling better by now. Yr SV partner also didn't want this to happen.

        Cheer Up


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          Oh fusionx I'm so super sorry about your present! What colour was that?

          I hope my SV gift reaches her just fine!!


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            Vernis: I know she didn't mean it but I can't help feeling upset.

            Jean: Polar Bare.


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              Did the bottle break??

              I'm going to hand-deliver my present then! Mine's fragile too.


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                oh dear!!?? looking at the pic really freaked me out. Cos i got that many bottles of nail polishes fr the transdesign spree to send out. Sigh... how many layers of bubble wrap is enough?

                I've received n/p without bubble wrap, only thrown into the Singpost Postpac envelope and it reaches me fine, i think this is really an unfortunate case.


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                  omg! fusionx, im sorry

                  im gonna be super careful when i send my SV her item and when i send nailpolish next time.


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                    fusionx: so sorry to hear of that! Your present was only the nailpolish? It's OPI? I thought our budget was $20-$25?

                    Well, dont be upset abt that! =)


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                      omg! That looks a shocking mess... but dun be too upset okie?


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                        fusionx, oh no... that was quite a mess. cheer up alright?

                        pinkqueen, i was wondering quite the same thing... :huh:

                        anyway, my dear SV, I'm so sorry i haven't sent out your present yet! I'll definitely do it by this week though.. i'm really sorry! i know how you must be anticipating it.. I'll do it as soon as i can alright, promise!


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                          Poor thing, fusionx!!! and for you ok! Hope your SV has already or will explain to you in private what happened.


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                            Originally posted by pinkqueen
                            fusionx: so sorry to hear of that! Your present was only the nailpolish? It's OPI? I thought our budget was $20-$25?

                            Well, dont be upset abt that! =)
                            Yes, this is one thing that I'm waiting for an explanation. Our budget was $20-$25. I don't think my OPI nail polish costs that much, especially if bought in this forum. My gift was only that.

                            I would very much like my SV to PM/email me about this. I don't who is that at the moment though.

                            I might be sounding horrible and mean now, but I'm not quite over it yet, so...


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                              Oh no fusionx! I am so sorry to hear that! I hope your SV sends you a replacement package?

                              btw , i have a feeling from the pic that the nail polish was not screwed tightly before sending? Just my No offence!


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                                It didn't leak out. The neck area broke. I wish she had double wrapped it with another layer of bubble wrap.. It could have been prevented.

                                I don't know if you girls can relate to my feelings but I was quite angry and upset when I opened my package.

                                Rachael, since you are the organiser, would you do something about it? Get my SV to PM me or something?