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    You bet I will! Thanks!


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      Dear Fusionx,

      Esther here. I sent you a PM just now coz tea informed me to contact you
      I didnt log on Thurs and Fri coz my computer crash and i dont have access to a PC at home

      I just stumbled upon this site not too long ago and i realized the most unfortunate thing has happened, been sending too many items and none of this has happened to me, I unerstand your fustration and i'm truly sorry for thi.

      i never expected this to happen coz when i purchased the nail polish from the nail saloon. i checked it and it was still fine
      so i send it out to u, before i sent it out, i still tapped the bottle neck securely and informed my post office friend to bubble pack the item for me as i needed to rush back to see my granddad in hospital. :Doh:

      Goodness, i feel really really lousy and i hope my replacement package with 2 of your MAC eyeshadows will reach you and hopefully this will appeased u abit.

      I am truy sorry about this incident and i hope that you will allow me to make it up to you.

      sorry dear....i dont really know what to say except that i'm sorry and i hope u can forgive me.


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        So sorry to hear that your grand-dad is in hospital now, hope he's feeling better now demigoddness! =)

        Well, since she is sending fusionx a replacement of 2 MAC e/s, its so nice of her! i think she didn't expect the package to be ruined too.

        I still have not received my package from SV yet, so sad! Sorry to be impatient but up to date, still have not gotten anything?


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          Pink queen me too! Nevermind I'm sure its somewhere in the mail!


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            Yes, I hope my SV sent out already!


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              He's no longer with me now. He passed away just like the nail polish. Died of old age.
              Cant believe that both my grand dads left me within a span of one year

              Ruth dear..i'm really sorry about the incident too


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                oh no. and demigoddess1512.

                take care of yourself and don't think too much ya?

                no one expected the polish to break right? and she's even replacing it with the mac e/s.


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                  Don't be sad, demigoddess1512 .

                  We know you didn't mean it, it was just an accident.
                  Waiting eagerly for my pressie to arrive!


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                    Demi, hope u are feeling better, old folks are relieved of aging ailments, they rest w/o pain & worry in peace, just have them in your heart always.


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                      My SV girl confirmed received her pressies. Got pouch, accessory & thong which she put them on on spot!!! ahem....

                      Gwen, your earrings are really very , u were too far so didn't get to tell u this.


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                        vernis, it sounds like your SV put the thongs on on the spot

                        actually, i like you and rach's earrings!!!!! im very jealous - ive been wanting to get a pair of red dangly/ chandelier earrings for soooo long!

                        by the way, i think ange's really sweet bcos she got rach something for organising this swap! and your hair isnt that bad! i think it's nice actually.
                        Last edited by gerwhen; 05-03-2005, 08:47 PM.


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                          u very sharp!! i grabbed 2 pairs, one more left. KPC (u know what i mean?) factor lower than my past purchase so i dare to put on after encouragement from u girls.

                          Yes, Ange, your hair is not !!!!! don't fret ok.

                          :shout: free one, don't complain


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                            demigoddess, my condolences dear. i'm sure they'll remember you as a loving grandaughter.

                            i'm waiting for my SV's present too.. can't wait!


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                              Thank you gerwhen and vernis! Heh,you made me feel so much better.

                              It was great meeting you all!

                              P.S Vernis you're NOT auntie at alllllllllll...


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                                Ange!! Shhh.... go see Bugis Village thread!!!