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The most useful / useless baby item(s) you bought

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  • The most useful / useless baby item(s) you bought

    Oh, I just read the thread on the toy you can't live without and suddenly thought about all the useless items I bought in preparation for the baby but NEVER used

    1) Avent size 1 teats -- I have so many Avent bottles with size 1 teats and I have no idea why I was kiasu enough to buy spare teats!

    2) Cot light -- Thought this would be useful when I change diapers in the middle of the night. But realised I had to use a brighter light to clear the mess.

    3) Neck rest -- This U shaped pillow which you can use around baby's neck to support it. Tried it once and does not work at all, baby got so agitated with the thing around her neck. Wonder why this item was ever created!

    I have given away so much of useless stuff which I bought for baby. Wish I had advice from an experienced mother beforehand so I could have saved $$

    Just edited the title of thread to include most useful items too. Hope this thread will be handy for new moms-to-be

    My most used items which I couldn't have done without:

    1) My sling(s)!

    2) Changing table - I bought this pretty late and was changing her on the cot for few months, which was a back-breaking exercise with the bending over. This item is really a must for me.
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    I agree with the neck support thingy. My baby hates it too!

    Useless things for me cos I either never used them or hardly used and not because they are useless:
    *Baby Sling - I couldn't figure out how to use and etc.

    *Pacific - My daughter doesn't like.

    *this piece of cloth thingy to be tied around baby's stomach to prevent "wind" from getting in - My mum made me buy it but I never use also.

    I can't think of any more right now. Brain's dead. lol. I might think of more stuff tomorrow.


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      i've alot of extra feeding stuff that i bought thinking my hubby will help me feed at night. but i got so tired of sterilizing bottles and since i'm at home with her all day, i just direct bf. ditto the avent size 1 teats

      next on my list - the avent manual pump. for mothers who are seriously breastfeeding, get an electric pump. it will help build up supply faster,not to mention you won't get sore arms i bought it when i was pregnant thinking it was a cheaper alternative to electric, but the pump is so inefficient in creating letdown, i could not get more than a quick drip compared to sprays in an electric pump. total volume is much less also.having said that, if you need a silent pump for some reason, you will still need to get a manual.

      last item - it was a gift. a baby pool! what can i do with a baby pool without a garden? it took ages to inflate even with a motorised pump, and after all that effort, she didn't enjoy it (maybe she will when she gets older). and now it's impossible to deflate to be packed in the box.


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        crystal, maybe u can fill the pool up with many small coloured plastic balls? Then yr baby can 'swim' in there hehe.


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          Can I also post on some of the baby stuff I bought which I find useful.

          1) My sofabed - double up as a bed for my baby which is placed in my room!

          2) Sling - I really like my sling very much - I have tried position like the kangaroo style and having baby just lying flat in the sling - love it - cant wait to try out other style when baby is older

          Thats about all I can think of for now..


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            Originally posted by mango
            crystal, maybe u can fill the pool up with many small coloured plastic balls? Then yr baby can 'swim' in there hehe.
            haha you mean like the ikea playroom. if she don't like then that will be one inflated pool plus many small balls lying in my storeroom (aka bomb shelter )

            actually my sling is way underused. acidia, how do you use kangaroo when your baby is so young? Must be able to support head for that positiong right? That's very good!


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              Oh, my sling is also one of the most useful items I've ever owned! Never thought I'll end up slinging but I'm glad I persevered enough to figure out how it works. I slinged my baby in upright position since nearly 2mth and she loves it. No problem with the neck support issue.


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                My turn:

                1) The number one thing has also got to be the neck support thingy. It's so uncomfortable and I didn't end up using it at all. Turned out my baby has very firm neck control even before she turned two months old.

                2) These plastic tie-pants that are used over cloth diapers. Very difficult and troublesome to use and too hot to be used in our hot climate.

                3) Moses basket. Too big to lug around and so uncomfortable. Baby became too hot if we put padding in it. So so so regretted getting this one.

                4) The cloth binders that you use to cover the baby's tummy (or belly button?). I got 5 and didn't get to use any of them. What a waste of money!

                5) Pacifier - baby doesn't like it at all. Much to our relief though


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                  Oh, what a wonderful thread! i'm trying to work out what to buy and getting totally confused with different points of view. Please, more feedback on best and worst baby things!!!


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                    Ditto the cloth binder for the belly. Luckily i only got 1.

                    i'm still hoping that the pacifier will be the most useless thing that i've bought


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                      Mogmick, this is a great thread.

                      I have not seen a cloth binder for baby's belly but will not get one based on the bad review...

                      One useless thing I bought is a baby bottle/ teats holder box. I thought after steralising bottles and teats I can keep in this box but realise you can just leave them in the steraliser. Now it is left in a box covered with dust.

                      Hi Crystal , about slinging baby in kangaroo style, my baby was able to hold his head up (not totally stable yet) during his 2nd month and he love to sitting upright on our arm to look at things. So I tried the kangaroo style and his head will be slanted to one side (away from thr ring) to rest on my upper arm for support and both of his hands will be out of the sling. He is very happy! I was practising quite a bit at home with baby before I was confident enough to use it when we go out!


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                        I bought so many useless things til i lost count..

                        1) Baby sling- dunno how to use.

                        2) Cradle- My son only sleep in it less than a month.

                        3) Cushion for breastfeeding - used less than a month.

                        and so many more..


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                          Hi Ariel, I've also bought the same useless things you've got (except the cloth binders). Seems like inexperienced mums like us all make the same mistakes...

                          This is indeed a useful thread for all mums-to-be to take note. If only, I've known all these earlier, I'd have saved a lot!

                          Other useless things I've bought/received:
                          Many bags of cloth diapers
                          Bag to contain the milk bottles (to keep milk warm supposedly)
                          Baby shirts with ribbons for fastening (took some time to tie them all, and then after a while, either they got loosen on their own, or baby tugged on them and they got unfasten!)
                          baby gold jewellery - tinklets, bracelets What to do with them, except to safekeep them?
                          Nose cleaner suction syringe (can't get anything out!)
                          Manual Breast Pump (Not avent, but Kaneson) Can you believe it?
                          Many different brands/types of baby shampoo and bath

                          2 very, very USEFUL items:
                          Braun thermometer
                          Bottles Steam steriliser


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                            Well the most useful thing would be my sling, it gave me the mobility to go downstairs to get food and groceries when noone was around to help me. Those fever strips you put on baby's forehead that cool down a baby's temp, a bath thermometer and baby monitor.

                            Useless stuff: Manual pump, nursing bras and nursing pads. Oh and buying too many packs of newborn diapers. Boy, do babies outgrow them fast!


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                              Useful things:

                              1. Avent Bottle Steriliser

                              2. Avent Bottle Warmer

                              3. Medela PIS and Mini-Electric Breastpumps

                              4. Philips Baby Monitor

                              5. Ear Thermometer

                              6. Sling though I don't really use it too often

                              cassia, what you can do with the gold is exchange them for something baby can wear when he/she's older. Most goldsmiths allow you to exchange. Alternatively, you can exchange for something you like