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    hi babes!

    just wondering if anyone of us here is in hospitality?

    the idea of getting into hospitality has always been there at some corner of my mind.

    other than shatec, where else would be a good place to learn the ropes?


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    I graduated from TP in Diploma in Hospitality Management.

    IMO, you dont actually need a diploma to kick start your career in Hotels. Hotels are constantly hiring, just start off as a Front Office Assistant and you will learn the ropes of the Front Desk in no time

    Alot of my fellow schoolmates never went back into the hotel industry because of the irregular working hours and the low pay unless you are in the back of the house operations (HR, Accounts, etc) , then probably your pay is slightly higer


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      Go past the school thingy and right into it. Nothing beats doing it hands-on. After my SQ days, I did sales briefly before I joined the hotel industry (seems default for ex-flight crew but I went into it unwittingly). I've since left the trade. Don't know if relevant qualifications gives people the headstart now. I just know that you start from scratch whether you're SHATEC grad or not (back then).


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        thanks a lot babes!

        but the thing now is, i'll be graduating from my current course in december (thanks to my poor grades in yr1 and 2). and there's like this huge debt to be paid off.

        if the pay's low, i don't think i'll be able to handle it afterall. sigh!

        HR department meaning the hiring of people department right?

        i don't mind the irregular hours cause it's something i've been wanting to do. but the financial part comes in.


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          HR stands for Human Resources, Chiri

          The industry pays peanuts for rank-and-file staff, it's true. However, I promise you it's not a boring job. I've had staff quit and later confide in me they wouldn't mind returning to the trade - if only the pay's better. Well, it's a give and take thingy. My ex-colleague noted that when she worked in hotels, she managed to save despite the low pay. Could be the irregular hours? When you're on duty, you eat at the hotel. Of course sometimes you get so sick of canteen food you don't mind paying for outside food. I've never really complained about the graveyard shifts. I actually miss having the malls all to yourself while others were at work As for career prospects, I believe chances are aplenty. Then again, promotions are all about timing, if you ask me.
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            about the HR part.

            i think it's a matter of choosing then. i'm at the cross roads where i don't know if i should be doing something related to my course or something i've always wanted to try out. argh!

            i heard from my mum that her friend's daughter is paid quite well for a manager position in one of the four stars hotel.

            suppose there's not much chances to spend while you're on the graveyard shift right? and while people are having holidays, you'll be slogging away!


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              That woman might've put in many years already? Or, really, like I've said, it's about timing. I took only two years to become Duty Manager at my first hotel. I did have competition. The guy was there first, but I got it. My senior told me I had the "edge". Now, I only have "age" as trophy :roll:


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                don't think of yourself like that ya? everyone will pass through that stage!

                nah, i think she just started out.

                i'm just wondering that is it possible to be going into hospitality even if what you did previously has absolutely no relation to this industry?

                i mean at least you were in something that seems related to hospitality (as in SIA). i'm in engineering! that's like so far off. :Doh:


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                  HI Chiri,

                  have to agree with Glossie, Hotel line is really fun and no regrets. I will also return to this industry if their pay was slightly more attractive.

                  They are a 101 scenarios to deal with, you never know what you going to get. All in all,i really enjoy your hotel days.


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                    Originally posted by chiri
                    i'm just wondering that is it possible to be going into hospitality even if what you did previously has absolutely no relation to this industry?
                    If you ask me, it's the personality. I got out cos I felt it's a chore for me.. Blinkiebug just about says it all in her post here.


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                      thanks again babes!

                      i think i'll have another half a year to consider carefully. if not i'll settle my debt with a career related to my course and maybe pursue what i wanted.

                      sometimes i think i'm too stubborn, i wouldn't give up the thought unless i've tried it myself and failed in it.

                      what are the shift hours like anyway? i think SO is not supportive in a way that if i do join, he'll be alone at home during festive seasons and weekends. :Doh:


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                        Mainly it contains of 3 shifts.
                        7am - 3pm
                        3pm - 11pm
                        11pm - 7 am

                        to be in hotel line, you really need lots of patience to begin with. remember to always smile smile and smile.


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                          Can i know the starting pay for a diploma holder?


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                            :wave: to cherish dear! haven't seen you for awhile!

                            oh no, the 11pm-7am sounds . wonder if i'll really be able to take it if i'm really going for it.

                            but i suppose it's always a give and take thing as Glossie mentioned.


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                              Originally posted by miracle
                              Can i know the starting pay for a diploma holder?
                              depending whether you are a frontline or backroom.